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Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup and attitudes

So, overall it would seem that, so far at least, we have managed to get things ready for the world cup. Yes, I know that it's still got to start, and we have no idea of what levels of crime will affect our visitors.
But, I am so tired of sitting in public places and hearing all the doomsayers talking shit. For the past 12 months it's been complaints about the road works. Now we have 4 lanes instead of the 3 or 2 we had before, but no one is saying, Well done.

There have been comments and complaints about the waste of money for the Gautrain. Now it's running, and from day one it's running at full capacity. Mostly whites using it. Maybe not the moaners, but many of whom I am willing to bet were Doubting Thomases.

And then there's the world cup. Many were saying, we'll never get done in time. no one will come. We will be replaced by Australia (that was a big motivator for us to get it done on time). It's all a waste of money.
Well, guess what! We are ready, more tickets sold then fr any previous world cup event, surpassing the record set in Germany last time round!

Last's night we had the pre-world cup kick off party. What a blast. What a waste of time they said! But hey, there were no more tickets to be had. And, again, I'm wiling to bet many of the people there were related to those nay sayers!

The point is this. Some tings are going to happen. It's a given. And no amount of bitching around the pub, coffee table dinner table will change it. So the moaning is nothing more than a waste of time. If things are so bad in your world bro, move!

In fact, in the pub the other night there was one guy, a visitor, who had a lot to moan about every subject that was raised. had you been eaves dropping, you would swear he was a life time inmate at one of the WWII gas chambers the way he complained. At one point I asked him "So, why are you still here?". "Excuse me?", he said. Why don't you sell up and fuck off. Go live somewhere else. Move. See if it's any better over there - wherever your over there might be?" I answered. Well, you could have cut the silence with a knife. his response, somewhat muttered, was something around he has a business here, and his kids are settled here, and he's too old to emigrate, blah, blah, blah......

"Crap!" I said. "If you were in a job that pissed you off so much, you would resign. If this country and the Malemas who run it are so bad, you should leave too!"

There was no further discussion after this, as his host decided that they needed to be on their way. Some of the locals decided to expand on this with me, but the overall discussion was around the fact that nothing will change if you just moan about it. And that's the point, isn't it? Hitler wasn't stopped because people moaned about him. They got stuck in and sorted his crap out by taking action. The road traffic congestion wasn't sorted out by the motorists who moaned about them all the time. Someone got stuck in, and added a lane to all the major highways. And the world cup will happen, because people got involved, stadiums got build, marketing was done...... Not because me and you sat around and moaned about the fact that we can't afford it, the tax payed will pay for this for the next 20 years, etc, etc,

So, comment and opinion can be good, and add value. Bitching an moaning not.



Bruthafromanothamutha said...

South Africa have provided wonderful venues and great utilities. They have proven all the doubters wrong and theres crime everywhere so foir all the moaners - FUCK OFF

Suid-Afrika gedoen Weel

Fishman said...

Well I am of a different point. I can in the same way go out and buy a BMW X5 cause that is what I need at this point in time. I get financing and next week you see me in a R1 million car. Everybody comment on how nice the car is etc.... But 6 month down the line the banks are trying to get their money back. I have one small financial hiccup and the screws are being turned. And yes....now it ain't that successful any more. What we will see is more taxes to fund these projects for Government. The Guatrain is os a good example. When started etsimated costs was R30 Billion. I believe they are going at 70 Billion. So I wonder why the N1 a 40 year old road is turned into a toll road??? We are still going to pay for this for years to come.

Jayne said...

I think by hosting the SWC much good has come about in our country. Jobs were created in a time when the rest of the world was deep in a recession & even folks who thought they held 'secure' positions saw their arses. The support of Bafana Bafana fans has been amazing - hell, I even spotted a white woman in Ellisras wearing a yellow team shirt. (She may be on a 'hit list now, cos we've got some real strange people up here!) However, I must admit that people like the bus drivers & (stadia)security staff participating in illegal strikes, plus Eishkom workers 'threat' to do the same does our country any favours.
I genuinely hope the country & not just Fifa profits from the tournament. There's been heaps of positive feedback, but I see that the news crews are tending to pay more attention to the rare 'negative' experiences.

As for the arsehole in the pub/bar - good on ya for saying what you did. I've been saying the same thing to English immigrants for over 30yrs. You make the best of your situation, wherever you are!

Divemaster Dad said...

I want to complain about this posting...


Good on you for sorting out the moaner in the pub. No doubt he and his cronies went and moaned somewhere else when they left...