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Thursday, June 03, 2010

What's up with satans daughter

Things have bee "calm" on the work front, well as far as the bitch is concerned anyway. I think she's taking even more pressure now, which pleases me anyway.

What is becoming more obvious is that she is nothing more than a spreadsheet manager. A week ago, when I was reporting on my opportunities, I mentioned that one of my opp's was now more than 5 weeks outstanding. She said she would get it moved on, so I could present the contract to my client. She did so, but only this week Monday! And unsuccessfully so, as I still don't have my stuff!

Apart from that, her managers manager has requested a daily update on the status of the contract. So for the past 2 days I have sent him an email saying "Nothing done yet"!

So, now he comes back with "You have a committed date for signature, and if you don't make it, oyu have a problem"

My response - "NO, I don't. My department has a problem because due to this level of response they are giving more and more of their business to Business PRoviders, and my client is doing the same". "They don't believe we are really interested in doing this business"!

His come back was "If you have not escalated this issue to Mr XX (My managers manager?) then it's your problem!"

So at a meeting with my manager this am, I shared this with her, and stated in no uncertain terms that I saw a threat in his comments, and made it quite clear that I have a trail of emails proving I have been driving this, that she committed to assist a week ago, and I still have had no success.
I then told her i don't know what he's thinking, but if he thinks he can fire my arse for this, she better give him a heads up and tell him he's never going to get it right. Neither she or he have what it takes to fire me. Just like that.

So, lets see if this American Idiot, and / or his British reportee have any balls, and lets see if he does anything to make things happen.

Interesting times.


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