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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bikes, cars and Kaffirs

Took my car to the panel beaters yesterday, to have all the scratches, dings, and stuff sorted out. So, for this week I'm commuting by bike (motorbike) to work and back. Not really a problem, other than it's decided to get really cold in the early mornings!!! Anyway - real bikers don't cry - they just freeze their balls off!!!

So, this morning I'm cruising down towards the city. Most of the way I'm white lining between the cars, and not going much faster than the general traffic. The advantage is when the traffic stops at a red light, I can go to the front.

At one point, I move into the clear far left lane. Great, and slide down the lane towards the next traffic light. And this lovely new Audi A4 decides to change lanes! No indicators, not looking into the rear view mirror. And this just as I was alongside, so no way I was missing him, or him missing me.
So, it's grab the clutch, and apply all the brakes, and hit the hooter, and slam into the side of the car - broadside. Control the bike, slide all along the cr, past the front, stop sideways so he cant drive away, park the bike, jump off, and onto his bonnet!! Now I'm fucking MAD AS HELL!!!!

He tries to open his door, and I see it's a big black mother fucker. So I slam the door on him. All the time I'm swearing at him, calling him every name in the book. Take a shot at whats left of his rear view mirror. Man, I am mad as hell.

Had a gun, would a shot him!!!!!

So, he gets out the car, and says "The reason you are like this is because I'm black, isn't it?"! WHAT THE FUCK? I look at him in disbelief, "No man, it's cause you fucking stupid. What the hell do you think these indicators are for? and the mirror?" CUNT!!!
"It's because I'm black, isn't it?" Is all he kept repeating. Then it dawned on me - he's puling the racist card. Here - in the middle of traffic, when he's just ridden into a biker, and thankfully not killed me, and he's using the race card as a reason for why I'm pissed off!

The short answer would have been - "Yes - it's all because you are a KAFFIR! You should be drivig a fucking tractor on a white mans farm, not an Audi in the traffic - CUNT!" (maybe not so short.)

Ther is no long answer. However, I had a quick glance at the car. Driver side rear view mirror - hanging on wiring. RHR door and RHF door, both dinged by my crash bobbin. RHF door and RF mudguard - ripped, by my exposed sharp cylinder head fins.
Damage to the bike, what I could see, bracket holding the footrest and gearlever. Not off - cracked, so workable.

So I got on the bike and left him there with all his damage. I got no number plate on the back of the bike, so had no concerns about him finding me. Couldn't follow me either, as I weaved my way through the traffic. Not that it bothered me one way or the other. He was at fault. I just didn't feel like getting into exchanging details and stuff. Not with an ignoramus poes who plays a race card at a time like that.

Anyway, at the bike breakers shop they didn't have a replacement, but took my bracket off, sent it out, and in 30 minutes, and ZAR350 layer, I had it back, welded and polished and ready to go.

Only injury to me, that i can find so far, is a blue nail on mu LH pointing finger. Must be where I hit the rearview mirror.




Divemaster Dad said...

Holy shiiiiit....glad to hear you're okay. that sounded frikkin' close to a disaster...racist black fuckwit.

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

sheeeeeeeeeeeeit - glad you are OK

Jayne said...

I physically gasped (*sharp intake of breath*) whilst choking on the words "the fucking bastard!"
It pisses me off no end when cagers cause accidents out of sheer negligence. I got seriously close to beating the crap out of a fuckin rag'ead in Abu Dhabi one time for pulling out in front of us with no warning, even tho' the fucker had seen us.
The good thing is you weren't hurt/injured. How you didn't smack the fucker for his bloody insolence with pulling the race card, I'll never know! Fuckin mongrel.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

you are so right Jayne - problem was that in the traffic were more taxi's than not, and I was not going to take on a whole tribe of these dumb arses. So, on the basis that my bike was ok", and he had serious kak with his car, I decided to leave. 10 years ago, I might have ripped his head off - but even I know that my age is starting to count against me. Eish!

Divemaster Dad said...

A few years ago, in Durban, I saw a biker get off his bike at the traffic light, walk around to the driver's side of a delivery vehicle and punch the black bastard driving, right through the closed window...then get back on his bike and ride off...

WV = barmin (now there's a word I finally like)