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Monday, September 21, 2009

Yamaha XJR 1200

The bike before GMan crashed it in January. Been standing since then, as I could not afford the repairs. However, have since ordered the spares from Japan, 6 weeks ago!!! and still not here.
Took the rest in for respray - this took 4 weeks +, and although it's as I wanted, the sticker guy fucked up, so there are small imperfections in them, the were not stuck on properly, but hey, that's life.

It looks damn fine!!

You will notice that the black lower parts have now given the bike a completely different, sleeker look. In fact, it looks a lot less bulky, and more sporty.
The Yamaha name tag on the tank is now replaced with a Yamaha logo, including flames.
On the tailpiece, on either side, is a seriously mean warthog. The Side panels now sport big XJR stickers, and the 1200 sizing. This was non-existing before. Not sure why.

Previous post shows the detail!


1 comment:

Divemaster Dad said...

The bike looks great...even the heartbeat stripes. the only change I would make to it is to get rid of the big "XJR" on the side cover and spray that yellow too...maybe even try and work the heartbeat into that as well.