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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Draft letter for the GM

I was on the "Call to Arms (or whatever it was called) call this evening (17/9), and found some things really interesting. We had a similar conference call last year, and many of my peers delivered on the request. In fact, I believe we had a good year, especially in my department.

However, it's always a drive for the sales team (and their support) to make the number, and get the double digit growth, etc. But it's a different story when it comes to rewarding the sales team who make this happen.
Last year I achieved about 164% if signings first half, and a further 200% of signings second half, (missed revenue due to enormous thumb suck figure!). But this year, based on that performance I was rated a xxx3! Yup, the lowest performer in my team / peer group.

And it's rubbish, because when I questioned this, I was told I was down graded because of my attitude! Since when does attitude play a part in my contribution to the business? That said, the fact that I had an idiot for a manager for the first 9 months of last year, one who was replaced by my current manager after an investigation was done of my department, does not matter. In fact, he was so bad a manager we had close on to 9 or 10 resignations end 2007 / beginning 2008 which can be blamed directly on him.

On review, which I requested, and took more than 4 months to take place, I was re-rated a xxx 2. Nice, but it meant I did not get an increase this year - not that the increases awarded to those that did get was much.

The reality is, there is often a call for sales to make certain numbers for the country, with, usually double digit growth, but no increase for those who deliver. The final nail in the coffin for me was the statement made to me by an executive (VP!) when I commented that I believed the company process had let me down (this after my reassessment), she said "If you don't like the way the process in the company had treated you, you can always leave!" So much for our open door policy!

Yes, I probably could leave, or maybe should leave but being a middle aged, white male, in South Africa, this option is actually not an option for me, as much as it burns me to have to say so.

Last year, when I aplied for my leave, in th last 2 weeks of Dec. I got a mail from my new manager saying all leave for Dec. was cancelled by some VP in Europe. I emailed both him and her the reasons why my leave could not be cancelled. The VP still has not responded till today! My manager, after much debate, and me saying I was going anyway, as I was as close to a nervous breakdown as I was going to get, approved my leave. She did ensure that I understood she was "going out on a limb", "making a big concession" on my behalf. What a load of crap.

This year, knowing I have a massive piece of work to complete in December, I get my vacation booking for the Sept. school holidays. I wait till I am sure I am able to go to request leave. The reply comes back to say "You know I don't approve leave during quarter ends. Please send me motivation of why I should let you go." Excuse me? SO, is it the VP that made the statement last year, or was that just a ploy to scare the crap out of anyone who might apply for leave? That said, my motivation is, the vacation is booked and paid for (RCI), I have two sons at school, so all vacations will be at quarter ends, as these coincide every time.

This was respoonded to by another email requesting more information. I am now 4 days from the start date for my leave. I don't know, or care if she will approve it. I am going on leave anyway. If, on my return I am charged with absent without permission / desertion, or some other fancy term, I will deal with it then. The CCMA have a very serious view on not allowing employees to take leave! No doubt, after my meeting with her this Monday, she will make some grand show of approving my leave, great show of "I'm the boss, and can control your life". Well, she can suck it up. I am not impressed.

Enough of taking up your time. Just thought I would share this with you.


So, what do you all think? Should I send it to my GM?


Fishman said...

I always hates it when your work decides when you are going on leave. I had a situation where it was constantly refused for over a year. I was then working at a bank and I left for two weeks unapproved leave. When I came back I was in the shit as expected. When I pleaded my case my manager was found to be at fault. I believe that most banks leave a compulsory for fraud prevention. Take that Bitch!

Divemaster Dad said...

Bro....it's not worth taking on the powers that be. It'll always come back and bite you in the arse...no-one else. The reason why we have so many problems with the corporation is that we don't have union representation (not allowed by corporation rules), and HR is just a big fuckaround joke, who always feed back to whatever exec who it was that contacted them to moan (ask me, I got knowledge of this firsthand) and then you get it in the neck/arse again.

Every single one of the execs in this corporation will tell you the same story about "fit in or fuck off". Why? Cos they're just as shit scared as the rest of us, and will all fit in and hand off the shit to the rank and file...you and me, and the rest like us.

On the sale of our house, fuckit, I'm outta here...