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Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's all just crap

All of it. Work, life, relationships (not family - other). Technology, crap!!!

Think about it. It's all a waste of time. You get up each day, to go to a job you probably don't enjoy, where you get underpaid. There is no appreciation for what you do. If you succeed, it's recognized for 30 minutes, then the pressure is back on. You are expected to be available 24/7. Call are made any time of the day / night to you, and you are expected to answer it. Emails are sent at any time of the day, and people are surprised if you didn't read it, even if it was sent the night before after 8 pm. Targets are set to ensure you don't earn commissions. Managers thrive on power struggles. Any push back is seen as being anti-corporation, and there is no one you can take your gripe up to, as it feeds back down to the relevant person, who will then make your life more miserable than before.
Them who are responsible for ensuring we get paid our commission are beyond understanding. They fuck it up time, after time, after time.. no matter how much reference material you give them, even pulling reports off of their systems, they get it wrong. Ans why not? I mean, it has no effect on them. They all get their full salaries every month, no salary split and commissions based on performance for them. Fuck that - they way too important!

Service delivery is non-existent. Think about it. You order a home phone, you lucky if they get back to you in 3 weeks. You want to open a second / third / fourth account with your bank - who you have been with for 23 years, and you can't do anything till you redo the FICA stuff (LIU). Every single time!! For fuck sakes, can't they scan the information in, and attach it to your profile? As for savings accounts - there is a big drive, from government, for people to save. Why? At best, you might get between 0.5 and 1.2 % interest on your savings? If you want to earn more, you need to go for a fixed deposit (minimum 3 months and ZAR10k) or money market account (minimum ZAR100k). Yup one hundred thousand rand! Oh, and you will pay a 0.4% deposit fee!

Contact your local builders, big and small, and ask them for a quote for some work around the house. Most don't bother to respond, them that do don't bother to submit a quote. Contact your local security products guy for a security gate. Give him drawings. 3 weeks later he's lost them, so you do another set and get it to him.
5 Weeks later you still don't have a gate! For fuck sakes, I didn't even ask for a price - I said just make it as I really need it!!!

Order bike parts. You must be kidding. Yamaha - 4 -5 weeks delivery. It's now nearer to 8 weeks and still nothing. Paid for upfront, including delivery charges! What the fuck??? Aprilia - after an email session with the local importers / agents, about their excessive pricing, and their excuse being the cost of importing and carrying spares, the stuff ordered is on back order, all of it. 4 - 5 weeks delivery.
So, if you carry spares, what do you carry? if a bike falls, all the cosmetics get damaged. So you should carry these things, like fairings, screens, indicators, headlights, gear levers, clutch and brake levers. Oh, and whilst I'm on this subject, if not cosmetics, do you carry engine spares then? Like pistons, heads, rings, gaskets? Probably not, because there are about 10 bikes at my local Aprilia dealership, standing for more than 4 weeks, waiting for just these spares! So, what do you carry in your extensive spares department?
Panel beaters / sparay painters..... Send your parts in for respray. 2 - 3 weeks they say, this is to allow for the paint selection, mix, and then time to dry, then makup and application of stickers, then the final clear coat..... and 7 weeks later you still don't have your shit back. First the colour they mix is not what you want. Then the sticker guys fucks around for about 2.5 weeks. Then the clear coat has a nasty reaction with something that's been sprayed on before, and there s always another excuse. Always. So you wait. Oh, and they still expect to be paid in full. No matter that they fucked around for 7 weeks... and you personal planning is all down the drain, and your costs are going up due to knock on effects....

To date, the only acceptable service I can claim to have received, and gladly paid for, was from the vet! He who tried to save my dog! Thanx pal... you and your team are truly human, and know and understand service delivery!

Yup, I'm pissed off - again. And so fucking what? It's all crap anyway. You work hard, earn shit, pay thorough your nose for rubbish product and worse service, get fucked around by people with small penis syndrome, put up with ignorant morons in the hope that eventually you will get past it, and all this time believing that's it's your path. It is written, and so shall be. Who am I to question? Go on my man, all will be relieved! There is a reason for all of this.. There is? Fuck that. I've a good mind to go totally counter PC.

Let's see. If a taxi / bad driver fucks with me in the traffic - pull him off and shoot him. Done
Someone gives me shit service, ask for their manager. When he/she arrives, shoot the poor service delivery person in front of their manager. That should ensure perfect service from that point on.
Your boss give you shit - a simple "I know where you live / I am Italian and connected, probably wont work. So, battery acid sprayed all over their new car, followed up by a flask bomb strategically placed in their post box should give then a heads up that maybe all is not well. A visit to the CCMA website would not go amiss either. Methinks there may be a cause for "Constructive Dismissal" charges here. Watch this space.

So, overall, fight fire with fire.
If you don't agree with what I have written here - tough shit - fuck you - piss off.
Either way I don't care. It's my space to vent my frustrations, it's either this - or I blow some motherfucker away!



Fishman said...

at least when you order a beer at the pub it is cold...

WV=Iseria Maybe Hysteria?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Hey Fishman! Thanx for the chat, and the beer. Must say though, looks like even 3 are too many for me. Had a mother of a headache last night from about midnight to about 2 am.
Just can't do the alcohol thing anymore. Maybe should stick to Coke, or Single malt. 4FS - and to think I could do a case of lager, and a bottle of rum, all in one night....
Must be the age, or the single kidney...