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Saturday, October 13, 2007

You do not know my anger

Do you know who I am?
Do you know what I am capable of?
Do you know what I will do to you?
No, No you don't, but know this
I am your judge, jury and executioner!

You do not know my anger,
Nor do you know my name,
But soon YOU will be in danger
Soon, you will be shamed
Soon, but maybe too late.

The courts of law protect you
And only jail will save your life
For I am here, and I will hunt you.
Know this, that I am here
And forever you will fear.

Your deeds will not go unpunished
Judgement day has come,
The anger in me, and the fear
In my family, and the fear
In your victim, for all this you WILL pay!

You do not know who I am,
But I know who you are
So forever, wherever you are
Look over your shoulder
And see me there, and be afraid.

You do not belong in society
Your criminal deeds are sick
You did not know my anger
You don't know who I am
I am your judge, jury and executioner.


1 comment:

Divemaster Dad said...

strong stuff, bro...it would certainly make me think twice if i was criminally-minded, but half (sorry, most of) these fuckers are illiterate and thick as a two-by-four. on top of which, add a dash of weed and booze, and you have a recipe for someone who just doesn't give a fuck, is bored out of his head and wants to cause some shit, egged on by fellow criminal bastards...and then the innocent suffer...