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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rolling blackouts

Our country is in the embryo stage of becoming a banana republic. For a week or so now we have been having what is termed rolling blackouts. In other words, at various times of the day / night, power is cut to various towns / cities around the country. This is to decrease the load demand on the provider. However, instead of the promised two hours at at time, we have had dark periods exceeding 3.5 hours. What's worse is when you are traveling through the suburbs, in peak hour traffic, and the lights go out. All the traffic lights go down, and everything comes to a standstill. Took me 1.5 hours to travel 20km today!
In theory they say we produce enough power. However, forward planning of requirements stopped with the demise of the previous regime. The countries economy has been booming (more factories / offices) more power required. Electrification of the masses has probably doubled the demand. But no extra production was brought on line.
Now they are talking about taking 2 - 3 mothballed power stations back on line. The cost is close to building a new one. Maybe just quicker.
Another reason they give for the current state is that they are doing maintenance on some of the lines, in preparation for next winter. DUH? what did you do last year this time, and the year before? I recall us having severe power outages both these past winters due to equipment failure, due to POOR MAINTENANCE!!!!
More later.

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Fishman said...

Eish Max! We have enough power! It is only a white conspiracy that we dont!