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Monday, October 01, 2007

Past and present love

We met when we were children
in a different time and place
We loved the wild experience
And shared the open space

For many years you were there
we shared a bed and home
We had two special children
As a family we were one

Then illness stole your life
it stole a mother and wife
It broke that special bond
It left us out to die

Now I have moved on my love
And the boys are all grown up
I've found there is another love
I can love once again

There can be no one other
Than you to Mother my boys
But now I now that I can
Be loved again, once more

I never will forget you
And we will meet again
But life moves forward, darling
With, or without you

I know I have your blessing
The boys have blessed me too
Your mother, father and brothers
And friends, and others too


This is written especially for a special friend. You know you are dear to us, and now your new love is too. All the best, and thanks for sharing your life, and loves with us. Hope this poem is accepted for what it is.

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karma lennon said...

That is so lovely. :)