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Friday, September 21, 2007

Some guys have all the luck

Because of my previous post on this subject, a friend sent me this. It was his winning hand:-

What makes this special is the following:-

This is the top screen / the best winning spin the machine has. Those of who occationaly dabble with these "Cherry Master" machines didn't believe this screen could ever come up, as it pays out the maximum win. In this case, the player has 24 credits in (@10cents per credit that's ZAR2.40) and was paid a total of ZAR1600!

Had he been playing the machine maximum credits (99 credits - ZAR9.90) he would have won ZAR3000 on the jackpot, and another ZAR3700 on the bottom win for a full screen!!t's his game!

Nice spin bro!


PS - Now the spell checked is all fucked! Are they ever going to leave this damn blog thing code alone and stop messing with what's workin?

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