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Friday, September 21, 2007

LuckyL is on vacation

A few weeks ago LuckyL asked of he could go to the coast for the mid term break. We agreed, and found him tickets to fly down. however, he's missing the last two days of school this term, and the first day next term. But it's no problem.
So yesterday morning I took him to the airport. We decided to got through early, so that if the more than common scenario of a major accident occurred on the highway to the airport, we would have more than enough time to a) Wait out the traffic jam or b) find an alternative route and still get there on time.

As it was, the traffic was not that bad, and we got there with plenty time to spare, only, on entering the airport grounds, ALL the signs said "Parking full!" Well now, what the hell? If there's no parking it a bit of a fuck up. How do you sign in a minor, and ensure he's through the process without parking?

I drove all the way to the top of the parking block. Top floor. The sign said "Full". looking to my right I spotted this piece of "pavement" which was just big enough for the car. Not perturbed by the height of the pavement, I pulled forward, and revered up, one wheel at a time, and cleared all sides! LuckyL was sure we would scrape the bottom of the car, but Dad knows best!

So I parked. The attendant walked over and asked,
"What are u doing?"
" You can't park there, you must drive through the boom first and take a ticket"
"Oh, yea, and then how do I get out again to park here?"
"You cannot!"
"How long are you going to be?"
"I'm going to the coast for a week!"
He looked at me incredulously, and we unloaded the bags and walked off.

My parking spot relevant to the toll. Now there is always the threat of having the cars wheel clamped by some overenthusiastic security guard / car park attendant / suicidal doos, but that didn't bother me. I would take it on if it happened.

So we went into the terminal, I found a vary helpful young lady who booked in the luggage, processed the boarding pass, and we went to the Keg. Had a couple of cokes, surfed the web a bit, and then LuckyL decided he wanted to eat. it was lunchtime, and we wandered off down to the food mall, found Anat's (LIU), and had scrumptious lamb schwarmas!

Back to the Keg after browsing through the Camera / electronics shop, had two more cokes, and then took him down to where our paths would part. It was still about 45 minutes to his boarding time, but I needed to get back to the office, and he wanted to get a seat at the boarding gate. he had his book to read, and was quite happy to move on.
He put his bag and cellphone through the scanner, walked through, found the pointer to his specific boarding location, and then was gone. he's in the pic above.

Back at the car all was well. I drove into the parking lot, through the toll, took a card, drove straight to the exit, and 35 seconds later, not having paid a cent (Starts at ZAR10 for 0-1 hour) I was out and on my way. Not bad for a mornings effort.

LuckyL said his take off was delayed by 15 minutes, but they still landed at the right time. he's convinced the pilot must have given it full taps to make up the time! Anyhow, he's there now, and happy to be there, and we, well, home is always quieter without him, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Have a good time my boy!

My trip home later that evening was marred by the power outage in a whole suburb I have to drive through which affected about 8 traffic lights I pass. At one point I moved 2km in 1.5 hours. I eventually parked on the side of the road, went to the bottle store to buy a carton of cigarettes, went up some stairs leading to a restaurant of sorts to take the following pic, and then to a nearby cafe to get a coke, walked back to the car, pulled back into the traffic and had only lost 4 places!!!

Another 500 meters down I took this pic. Looks like a car decided to have a head on with a precast wall. The front bumper is lying on the ground.
I eventually got home in time to watch the second half of the SA v India twenty20 game. May as well not have bothered. Needless to say, we lost, and are now out of the tournament. One of our players dropped one or two sitters, and batted like the goon he is.
Why was Jaques Kallis not on the team?
PS - Seaman - think you can print this and show it to LuckyL? Thanx



karma lennon said...

Wow-big day! Glad your car didn't get booted!!! That would suck!

Fishman said...

LuckyL Bastard!!! I also want to go to the ocean!!!!!

A 2 Z said...


I have 2 kids that are about, I think, your kids'age. They also from time to time get to go on short trips with friends. I agree that the house is quieter and that its not necessarily a good thing. It wont be long that they will leave for good. Parenting brings the best out of us. I wonder what life will be like when they are gone. I cant remember what it was like before they were born. Take care!