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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Us or them - Heroism a la Africa

We have of late had a spate of armed robberies at restaurants. These criminals, numbering upto 14 armed with anything including AK47's enter the establishments and rob all the patrons, and the till.

I just read a good article, to do with this subject, in / on http://seamanrbay.blogspot.com/, and am reprinting it here as I believe it deserves as much coverage as possible.

From me, to the hero, congratulations. I hope he gets the medal he deserves!!

Copied from http://www.zululandobserver.co.za/, and no, no permission requested etc. I am advertising their name, so don't think they would mind....

Blood on the floor

Reported by Dave Savides

TWO armed men met their death when they attempted to rob staff and diners at a popular Empangeni restaurant on Thursdy night. They had not reckoned on the presence of a patron who drew his own weapon and killed them instantly with shots to the head and neck. His timely action possibly saved the lives of about 25 customers - including a number of children - and staff who were on the premises. Witnesses praised the actions of the unnamed shooter, calling him ‘a hero’ and ‘our guardian angel’. With the noise from the bullets still ringing in his ears, a Durban businessman explained the drama that unfolded metres from where he sat.
‘Two well dressed young men in leather jackets walked in while we were seated near the back. ‘One went past me to a table further on, while the other came and frisked me, taking my cell phone at gunpoint,’ said Dries Erasmus. ‘As I looked ahead of me I saw a customer signal to his wife and children sitting next to him. ‘One of the robbers lined him up in his sights but before he could get off a shot both he and his companion were dead. ‘The customer who took them out was amazingly quick and accurate, a true professional. ‘He saved the day without putting any other lives in danger,’ said Erasmus.
Child traumaHis views were echoed by the Ramdin family, who thought they were going to die at the hands of the gunmen. ‘One held his gun against my temple, and I thought this was my final moment, said dad Suren Ramdin. ‘Suddenly shots rang out and the two robbers fell all over me and my family, covering us in blood as we tried to dive under a table. ‘My young son asked if this was a movie - we could not believe what was happening to us.’
Their three children, aged 9, 5 and 4 were traumatised by the incident. His wife, Nadira said the shooter was ‘our guardian angel’. ‘There is no doubt that we were at the mercy of these attackers and we will stand by the man who killed them - it was them or us.’
Police and traffic officials were on the scene within minutes, cordoning off the upper part of Maxwell Street. Two weapons were recovered from the deceased. According to SAPS reports four men, all armed and in their mid-twenties, had entered the restaurant, with two having held up the manager and staff in the front, demanding money. Two suspects who fled when the shooting began are still at large.

Justice is sweet!

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Seaman R/Bay said...

Give him a medal

NO charges will be laid against the man who shot dead two armed robbers in an Empangeni restaurant last week.This is good news for both the unnamed shooter as well as the patrons whose lives he saved by his decisive action.With calm precision, he took out the pair as they held guns to other customers’ heads.According to a friend, the shooter told him that he had hit a third suspect as he was fleeing the premises.The man had fallen to the ground, dropping his weapon, before rising and continuing his escape.Empangeni police chief, Director Patrick Langa confirmed on Friday that another two suspects, one of whom had also been wounded in the foiled robbery, had been arrested and would appear in court soon.‘An inquest docket has been opened but I can confirm that since the shooter had been defending himself and others he will certainly not be charged,’ said Langa.