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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Strike 3.....

Yesterday, (Wed 19th) on the way to the office, I popped in at a mate's office to drop off his mail. He uses our PO Box address for convenience. Anyway, I get there and he's not in yet. So I leave the mail with the receptionist, and on my way out I give him a call. He says he's running a bit late. Seems that on his way in each day he goes past the ex-wife's apartment to collect his son who works at the same place. He gets there and she tells him someone broke in during the night and stole the video, dvd, PS2, etc!! It's a duplex (Living downstairs, bedrooms upstairs). The bastards came in during the night by opening a window (why no burglar bars?) and stole whatever would fit through the window (electric / electronic goods only) and left!
To top it all off, there is a 6 foot palisade fence (look it up) around the complex!!
Damn. At least they didn't go upstairs and cause any hassles there.....


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Steven Douglas said...

I say check which of the security guards has a new appliance...chances are, it's an inside job. Alternatively, the goods are still in the complex, along with the thieves. It's been reported in the past that gangs of thieves move into neighbourhoods (houses, complexes, et al), scope out the goings-on, make a few burglaries, horde the goods in the rented place then move out a few months later or when the heat gets a bit much...bastards...