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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hospitals and idiot kids.... and dogs

Wednesday evenings is hockey practice for Gman. From 5 pm to 7.30pm. So at 10 to 7 I decide to go to the club and wait for him there. I get there and go and have a look at what they are doing, and see him walking to his kit bag, right arm held gingerly to his side. I go down to see whets wrong, and help him pack up. Seems they were all called in to the goal, for a pep talk by the coach. One dumbfuck decides to be stupid, and runs into them. Gman and another boy fell over, into the goal net, causing it to topple over, and the steel upright smashed into his arm!

Probably broken says the coach ( who happens to be a doctor doing his first year post qualifying), get him to the hospital for xrays. 3 Minutes later we're at the hospital. 25 minutes later I have filled in all the forms, and written my name, telephone number, next of kin, id number, address, (home and postal) medical aid number, employer details, name of patient, relationship of patient, family doctor, about sixteen times on 84 separate / different documents, and paid upfront! Then they send us through to casualty.

All this time Gman is losing colour real fast, saying he's gonna throw up, pass out.....

(Just ran up the drive to go throw rocks at the neighbours pesky sausage dog that's barking at it's own shadow, stupid mutt)

Anyway, xrays don't show that his arm is broken, and maybe worst case he only has bruising to the muscle, nerves and ligaments. Tomorrow we will get a radiologist report to be sure. Just finished the xrays, and the guy sez, "You owe me R180.00", so I pay him.
That's R780.00 spent in 30 minutes because some idiot, maladjusted kid decided to be stupid. Wait, next week he's in for a face altering slap from me...... DOOS!
Worse still, Gman is hoping to be picked for trials for the Gauteng Provincial cricket team shortly. Not going to happen if the arm's stuffed....



That dude in the UK said...

Hey Max

Give the Gman our best - hey he's tough he will be there and most of all the kid will find himself sorted when he least expects it - or that's what we used to do when i played soccer and ice hockey. A yellow card or a few minutes in the sin bin - its worth it, best of all at practice it goes unnoticed.

Steven Douglas said...

...and send the offending twat's parents the bill for the x-rays.

Then get a pellet gun for the offending sausage dog...or you can borrow mine if you like...