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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

G8 / Middle East / Africa.......

So last night on the news they were talking about the support needed by Darfur / Sedan. And they showed pics of all these very thin, hungry, displaced people. Funny thing that. In so many countries in Africa, there is conflict, and coupled to this drought and poverty. However, there always seems to be money available to fight wars, but not to feed the people, or rebuild the nation. Most of these countries were built up by colonialist, from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland. Any years ago. Successfully. Then they were driven out by Revolutionists / Freedom fighters / Terrorists (pick one). Then everything went to hell. And it still does. You would think that by now they would have learned that the success of a country is not based purely on the cheap(er) labour, the available mineral or other resources, etc. But by the intellectual ability of an intelligent species to utilise, rationalise and exploit these. And I am not talking exploiting the black man. Rather the resources like gold, diamonds, copper, oil.....

SO, they get their countries back. And trash them. And then go out with the begging bowl and ask for help, from the very colonialist they threw out 10-15-20 years ago.

What beats me is that they continue to vote for the very despots which put them ointo this situation in the first place, based on the theory that they will never allow a white / foreigner to rule them again. And so the wheel turns, slowly, in the dry, dusty, worn tracks of what used to be a tar road........ They are unable to get themselves out of this situation. Unable to forge a new beginning. They continue to breed as a form of ensured continued existence. They have little or no education, with no prospect of ever getting any. Nor their children, or their children's children. They leave that place of death / torment / suffering, and move to a neighbouring country, where they are accommodated in tents in vast refugee camps, where they continue to live exactly the same way. Only now they can get food from the International feeding scheme. They are still not safe as the militia see them as sellouts, and come after them, and kill them in their place of safety. Their leaders meet with the G8, making demands for debt relief. Demanding support, assistance. Demanding to be allowed to join the G8, making it the G13 or something equally stupid. Why? What can they bring to the table other than their begging bowls? What "value" can they add? Other than wanting to have a say in what the G8 decide on, and this would be biased in Africa's favour, nothing.
They want to ensure that Africa is not forgotten during this period of unease in the middle east. You kidding me? It's the single most important event on this planet at the moment. It's affecting the oil price, which has a knock on effect on every other sphere of our lives. It could initiate a 3rd WW!
It is a place where you just don't want to be, but where we all better get involved to try and diffuse the situation.

In another 10 / 100 years even this conflict may have been resolved, and the overpopulated / decimated Africa will still be there, doing what it does best.......



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That dude in the UK said...

Well said - seems acceptable to screw your own people and if you African to vote for those who do screw you.

One statistic you might appreciate from my days of meeting with the European Development Bank when i worked for the chamber. The chap was asked why the drop in aid and attention - his answer a simple one. There are more poor people in India than there are people in Africa!

I suppose as a parting shot - a shame that no one in South Africa has had it in them (and i am talking about our new politicians) to do something about this - to take the lead and deal with the situation by sorting out bastards like Bob Mugabe. If any country in the world can do something about Africa south of the Sahara - its SA. Shit forgot they can't sort out their own crime problems, the corruption within their ranks - you begin to wonder what hope there is.

Maybe the Hong Kong example is the best - when people make money they learn quickly and more importantly politicians become marginalised and disappear up their own arses - cause no one cares a f...

Final word and there is always one - seems if you are like me and worry about these sorts of things is to check out and to distance yourself from it all - don't read the newspapers, give the news a miss, build yourself a cocoon in which to live. Works for me in England, maybe it can work there too. Only difference here is i have even taken to passing on the sport news, which if you follow in England is about what a criminal Ronaldo is because Rooney stood on someone's nuts, which footballer is wasting his money on skanky birds, cocaine or his gambling habit, how proud they are of there English cricketers - you know Strauss and Petersen (national hero he is), never mind the fact that they have even called up their 30 something star rugby player to help pull England back together, oh forgot he's South African too.

Sod this - weather's good for a change, hotter than Bangkok according to the weather report - shame the beer is too