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Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday 24 July 2006.......

Monday, and it's back to the grind stone. Yet, somethings different. No, it's not the Renault, still got it, still fucked (basically). Still working at the same dump, so that's not it. Going to get Mom at the airport, but that's not it either.

Oh yea, I'm going to attend a sales training thingy! Whoopeeee!!!!! It's not like I haven't done this before. But it does mean I'm out of the office for 3 days!! However, the dumbfuck who's in charge of the dept. I work for got himself invited! Why? He's not a salesman (person)? Oh, maybe cause he'll get free drinks and stuff!! Yea, that's it!!!

Meantime things back at the office will probably improve because of his absence!

At least Divemaster will be there too, and if we lucky we'll get to share a room. No way I'm sharing with any BEE characters. Intagration is one thing, but forced integration is another kettle of fish all together! If it's that, then I'll be going home every night, and returning in the morning.....

Hope Divemaster don't snore too much.......

The weather is busy changing here. Started to rain a bit on Friday, and again this am. But it's also colder now.
Oh, and 702 (look it up) is now also broadcasting on FM (92.7).
Great! Much clearer, no disturbance when you go under a bridge / drive into an underground
parking lot.......

Gman's arm is much improved, but he won't be going to hockey practice this week, or be playing in the match on Friday. And Lucky L went back to school today.....

Gman should also be getting his school mid-tear report card soon. That will be interesting (or not). I keep threatening to do bad / terrible / nasty things to him if he brings home a bad report, and he never does.

Pay day tomorrow... Means I'll be in the black again for at least 2 - 3 days. After that we're back into the red.. And no commissions coming through this month either I don't think......

Once again the company process and procedures has let me down.
I submitted a claim for cellphone expenses, and posted the Invoice through. Needless to say the "Internal Mail" lost it. Now they can't pay me. So I downloaded a copy off the net. And resubmitted. It also means that I'll be paid 2 months late, if I get paid at all.

Spent some time this past weekend with some friends who have been living in the UK for the past 10 years. Seems there is an opportunity going with a franchise that supplies premade meals to old aged and hospitals and stuff. Sound very good, and promising. The numbers look ok.
But I'm not sure I want to go live there. Not sure how viable the business concept really is? Not sure about much really....
Would have to sell our home here to be able to afford to go there and that does not excite me in any way. However, she and her husband have done the sums, and it sounds like it's do-able. Well, we'll see.... Meantime I'll stick it out here for now.


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jenny said...

Pre made meals to old aged folks and hospitals? Hey it's viable alright. We're getting older with each generation over here!

Anyway if it did go tits up they might be looking for staff in a certain bowling establishment...I reckon there's a vacancy now! Lol!