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Monday, July 31, 2006

Last Week

Day 1
I arrived late as I had to collect Mom at the airport, get her home, go back to my house, change cars, pick up my suitcase.....No problem. Didn't miss anything. At least I'm sharing digs with Divemaster. Someone I know and can trust. Common "culture" and all, you understand. Supper was served in a private room, but there were Turkish hookas on the tables? Not very African if you ask me.... Couldn't see the point...!
Also had a drumming session with the local entertainers. Went down quite well. There is something about the African drum.....Also discovered that drinks are priced specifically for the tours market. A local beer costing R17.50 is a real rip off. Back at the club / pub it costs about R6.00, and at local pubs around R8-R9!! This left us in a state of shock, as no one had brought anywhere near enough money with. We would have run up a tab which could have equaled the entire national debt of a small African country between us, had we been in the mood.....Luckily management decided to run a tab and pick up the cost.
Later (much) back in the room / digs / rondawel, Divemaster went to brush his teeth. I dropped a dart in the bedroom. He nearly chocked when he came back. Then whilst I was brushing my teeth, he dropped a dart. Damn!! First time in a long while I've had good competition in this field. The man is seriously sick / evil / alien......Next morning, from about 2-30 am (I think) the damn roosters started their crap!

Day 2
Got up, and lo and behold, no water in the showers. We had just enough in the tap / pipe to brush our teeth. Those staying in the rooms further up the "hill / slope" had none, and had to use the water in their kettles to brush their teeth with!!! Seems the problem was caused by a burst resevoir. Ah, well, put on a hat to hide the hideous hair, and away we go. (Divemaster does not have this problem, no hair = no hat).
Breakfast was good, followed by the start of the classes / role play sessions. I'm not going to go into the detail of how this training is conducted, suffice to say that you need to have good background into how our company works, and be able to "wing it". Both of which I do very well.
Had a shower late afternoon, which was great. Dinner was followed by drinks which went on till well after midnight. Much socialising, and strategic interaction took place. I managed to convey some issues to our new "manager/ess" and also to regain some respect from fellow students. Someone actually commented that the "Old Max" was back....

Day 3
Very, very tired. Had a small breakfast, and off to classes. Did quite well as I managed 2 x 1 ratings! Supper, and then preparing for the next days calls, and presentation to the "Executive" team. Worked late. Then off to our new digs, as they had to move us to alternative quarters.....

Day 4
Didn't sleep well. They had painted the window frames (outside) and the smell of enamel paint was strong in the room. Caused me to get up with a serious headache, and everyone commented that I looked like I hadn't slept. Well guess what? I DIDN'T!
The linen looked like it has long outlived it's end of life date. It was as worn as you could get it. Pillows were quite new, but the pillow cases should have been turned into dust rags many moons ago....
It was also "single" accomodation, which meant me and Divemaster were not sharing. Not a problem, as I don't know if a combination of the paint smell, and his expressive farting would have been livable!!
In his defense though, he had me to compete with in this regard!
He was also not feeling well last night, and in fact, this morning he attended the first session, and then left to go home.
Our sessions went well, but by midmorning our team had dropped to second place in the competition, but only 700 points behind (49,000 against 49,700) with 46,200 being the next nearest.
Final presentation to the board. It goes damn well, until he who shall not be crossed / named, forgets part of his brief, and that is to get me to expose my pre approved discount. So, I don't get the contract signature I was looking for, and he didn't get the discount he should have asked for. He does however, get the
"Please excuse me, I'm an illiterate previously disadvantaged individual" sign to hang around his neck!!!! Dumbass foreigner!!!!

All's well that ends well though. In this week I have rerun sales school, successfully, I think. Have managed to restore some of my self respect, that which says I'm a damn hot salesman. Recouped the respect of some of my peers (those that matter anyway), and been nominated for a new post back at head office which will give me the freedom to do that which I believe I can do best. So, all's well, for now.

As I write this it's Friday am. Been to the office, and am now sitting in the waiting room at the Renault dealership, where, hopefully, the gearbox problem will be sorted once and for all. (Here's hoping). If it is, I can then purposefully persue my dream of getting rid of this piece of shit, and buying something more (hopefully) reliable!
It seems that the onboard computer has eventually registered a fault. A speed sensor, inside the gearbox is having intermittent problems. This will need to be replaced. Part cost R800.00. Labour? Who knows. Will get final info on Monday....

My brother and his wife arrived yesterday. His wife's step mom's son died. He was working underground in the gold mine, and suffered a heart attack. At age 36, turning 37 on Saturday, 29 July....! It's also the fourth, and last of her sons she will be burying..... so sad. Only has a daughter left now (these kids all from her first marriage). He leaves a son aged 5, a daughter aged 3 and his wife...... Very sad situation.

Overall, things seem to have taken a turn for the better, My demeanor (big word that) has changed. I'm more positive. Work looks to improve with the proposed change in role. Finances are still iffish, but I can work on that. And as usual, the family are all well. Good.

Now about the neighbor's damn chickens and rooster. This morning my brother confirmed that he was going to go next door to have a chat with the new neighbor. He's either going to move the fowls to the front yard, or get rid of them. Else my brothers going to lodge a complaint at the municipal offices, as the local bylaws dictate that such creatures are not permitted within the residential areas..... Should be interesting.

Divemaster was at the office this morning, and seemed to be feeling better. Really don't know what it was that "felled" him, but I have an idea it could have been the "African Brew" he was sipping on. Will let him explain though.

Anyhow, battery is almost dead, so might as well end off this blogg.


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