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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The end of the world as we know it

From the Citizen - a daily newspaper, and , no, i didn't ask for permission to repint this, thanx for asking anyway.

I figure they won't mind as I do mention them and in doing so give them free advertising space as such....

Snow in Sandton
JOHANNESBURG – Light snow fell over Sandton, north of Johannesburg, on Wednesday as a cold front gripped the country.
“We've got confirmed reports of light snowfalls in Sandton,” said SA Weather Services forecaster Jacqueline Riet.
“There is snow in Westonaria, Carletonville and Soweto and Sandton.”
Riet said the first reports from Carletonville, south-west of Johannesburg, came in about 8am. Reports from other areas came in from 9am.
“It’s just very little, very isolated flakes here and there.”
Employees around Morningside reported very light falls of snow at 10am.
“It was tiny little white flakes... this was definitely dry snow,” said Ashish Singh, who lives in the area. Singh lived in Canada for six years, where it snows heavily.
Weather forecaster Kevin Rae earlier said: “The very extreme southern parts of Gauteng could have some light snow during the morning.”
He said the rest of Gauteng could expect showers.
The Gauteng interior south of Pretoria was expected to be “bitterly cold” on Wednesday with a maximum of 12 degrees or lower.
“Snow over Gauteng seems to occur once every eight to 10 years,” said Rae.
He said it was “a little uncommon”.
There were also reports of snow in Bloemfontein, at the airport and in the city, said Rae.
Weather SA’s Michael Nethavhani, of the Free State weather officer, said there were light snowfalls currently over central, southern and the eastern parts of the Free State.
He said snow was falling in Bloemfontein, Bethlehem in the east and on the border between the Free State and the Eastern Cape.
Temperatures were between zero and 1 degree C.
“It cannot be ruled out that snow falls will occur tomorrow (Thursday),” said Nethavhani.
Nethavhani said the cold front was expected to lift by Thursday. Temperatures would still be a low -2 C in the evening and a maximum of 8 degrees C at midday.
Rae said there was “a range of extreme conditions on the go at the moment”.
He said there was a likelihood of further snowfalls, possibly heavy falls, over the interior of the Eastern Cape. - Sapa.


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