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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Buying a new car....

So, today I phone for pre approval for financing of a new vehicle. I'm going to get rid of this Renault, even if it means taking a loss. It's amazing how easy it is to get credit, and how much the banks are willing to give you. Based on my salary, and the size of my morgage bond, I wouldn't give me any more credit. In fact, I'd be worried. Yet thet have preapproved me for about ZAR150k more than I needed!!! Nice.
(What was that about a trip to Disneyworld? - Sorry Love, not going to happen!)
Anyway, so I'll be going out to look at whats available out there......

VW Caravelle - 1.9 or 2.5 Diesel - 2006 model

Mercedes Vito - 2.2 Diesel - 2006 model

maybe sell the house and get one of these!!

Or, let sanity prevail, and settle for what I actually can afford........



Steven Douglas said...

The Vito's kewl...a mate of mine has one and he even fits his scrambler into the back of it, at the same time as the wife and two girls...

Solomonster said...

During our visit out there we rented a VW Sharan 1.8T which was pretty good.

A/C seemed a little dodgy though.

How's about a Ford Territory?

That dude in the UK said...

I'd go with the man and you can get the bike in, oh and yes there is space for the family

Had the Galaxy which is the Ford version of the Sharan - loved it, although it didn't have a boot or any hidey holes - lovely to drive and handles like a large car.

Whatever go for something with good resale, decent service and one that don't cost you an arm and leg to run - looks like bicycles for the family!


jenny said...

I take it we're looking for a big family car/mpv then?!

Never had the pleasure of trying either the Vito or the Caravanelle. Looks wise from the outside the Vito is hot...kind of A Team van like! However, I've yet to meet anyone who's had a VW who hasn't praised it for reliability or handling.

However, If ever I go back to buying big cars I will never go past Toyota..had 2 (landcruiser and hilux surf) and loved 'em both, big, sturdy, loads of hidey bits and accessories, bags of room front and rear, will drive almost anywhere. Over here they hold their value really well too! I traded mine in for the same as I paid for it 18 months earlier!

Shit...who cares what we say? Princess will decide! Us women usually do!