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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mouton - Mon Ami

Every now and then I get a message from my dear friend Mouton. I had to smile this time, as she is Italian by marriage, and Canadian, (which makes her French speaking at least). I wondered where her loyalties would lie! At the very worst, she could celebrate whoever wins!!!
However, I see her loyalty is with Italia, and so she was / is as happy as the rest of us with this win.

Now I just need her to send me an email....... With a return address!

The Solomonsters responded to my first day back blogg.
Don't worry bro, I'm going back to the park, and will be Account Rep. For services in the SMB account set. My job will be to call on clients, new and existing, and find more leads. Pipeline generation it's called. It also means less time in the office, less paperwork / process / procedures.

However, there may be increased stress levels if the SME's back at the office don't follow up with the leads I bring in....
Oh, well... Se La Vie!


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