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Monday, June 26, 2006

Teenage Basement Lounge Project

Saturday, 24th June me and the boys decide to start, and we got into this project in a big way. Those of you who read my stuff regular like will know the details.
First we "assemble" a BIC ex-queenies old apartment. That's another story!!

Anyway, me and the boys decided to get started with the "display unit" we want to build into this space. This will house the TV, DVD player, Video machine, DVD's / PS2 games, PS2 player (is that what you call it?) Hi-Fi, cd's, etc. All their "stuff".
I decided to use 16mm chip board (being the cheapest) which I will then coat with a dark oak varnish. Tried it on a offcut, and it looks ok. Better than I first expected anyway.
Access to this "space" is through the motor garage, via a "middle" room, which (doubles as a store room).

Middle room view, pic taken from the door going into the "lounge". Doorway in the pic leads from the motor garage. BIC is ex-queenies old apartment, and is now a storage for camping stuff. Floor tiled with cheap tiles (R49.95 / m2).

"Lounge", pic taken from door way showing the window, and empty space for proposed "Wall unit". (Old, lion claw radio gram is going to the antique shop soon....) Floor tiled with the 500x500 porcelain tiles we had left over from the flooring upstairs in the living areas...

More, pic as at 08h00.

The result as at 19h00 Sunday evening.

All that is still needed to be done is finish the facia (bottom plank) fit a door to the far left (for access to the rear for storage and electrics), backing board (3mm hardboard), paint the ceiling (above the unit) varnish the whole thing, and if needed, edging on the front.

I am very proud of what we have achieved here. I have always said I can work with steel, but wood just does not do it for me. I keep stuffing it up. Anyway, this project, with carefull planning, double checking, and assistance from the boys is 10/10!

Now for that bar counter I have been threatening to build.......



Seaman R/Bay said...

Looks Greart !!

Steven Douglas said...

Ditto....looks brilliant.

Solomonster said...

You missed your calling - do THIS for a living, you'll make a mint!