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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chuck v Steve

Screw Chuck, We Have Steve!

Chuck Norris has become quite the man here in sunny South Africa, however his days are numbered, there is some one tougher, meaner and bigger than him around, grr grr!
Remember - I could be your father.....

Steve Hofmeyer once sakkied with 10 Poppies at once.
Steve Hofmeyer drives a Tata.
Steve Hofmeyer braai's with his fingers.
Steve Hofmeyer doesn't support the Bulls, the Bulls support Steve Hofmeyer.
Steve Hofmeyer doesn't have a good voice, the microphone is scared of Steve Hofmeyer and makes his voice perfect.
When Steve Hofmeyer stares at raw meat it turns to biltong.
Bless Bridges didn't die in a car crash Steve Hofmeyer beat him to death with a red rose.
Morkels gives Steve Hofmeyer any guarantee he wants.
Steve Hofmeyer repossessed Bob Mugabe's Farm.
Not even Chuck Norris gets as many fathers day cards as Steve Hofmeyer.
The "National Party" is actually a term to describe Steve Hofmeyer's birthday celebrations...
Steve Hofmeyer cannot count. He doesn't need to.
Klipdrift is actually Steve Hofmeyer's urine.
Osama Bin Laden and Steve Hofmeyer have the same amount of letters in both their names. Coincidence?
Steve Hofmeyer is the only man alive to turn down Patricia Lewis.
Steve Hofmeyer can get through on Vodacom.
When Steve Hofmeyer goes to Pick 'n Pay he just pick



Steven Douglas said...


Seaman R/Bay said...

Hey need to go back to your poems, this is no good

Ross Douglas said...

Who he?

Wreckless said...

He be the man out here anyway.
WhoHe, however, is the chinese minister of intelligence....

That dude in the UK said...

This is classic Max

Maak my homesick jong! See SA is better than England all they got is Shrek and his red card.

By the way basement loking good - have asked Craig to check it our and report back.

Love to all