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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Service please

What is it with South African companies and internet!

Most times if I have a query / complaint, I use the internet to find the culprit company, and email them accordingly. 99 out off 100 never respond.
Renault South Africa - I wrote to them to query why their dealers would only offer me 30% below trade value on my Renault Espace if I trade it on a new one? I previously wrote them regarding high service charges (upto 300% markup on spares locally) and upto 500 3 times more expensive than in the UK!
Mercedes Benz - I recently checked out the site looking for a good second hand Vito (if you don't know what it is, look it up). I found 2 I liked. I sent of electronic enquiries (as per the online facility). I got a call the next morning from someone to say "Thank you for the enquiry. Someone will be in touch shortly" Nada, nothing niks!!!!
Nashua Mobile - I have 3 cellphone contracts with them (for the wife and kids). I sent them an enquiry regarding the upgrades for which we now qualify! Nada, niks, nothing. I repeated the request, threatening to go elsewhere.......????
South African Government - Home Affairs - Enquiry for assistance with resolving the problem with my gardeners ID book - still nothing (see some of my previous bloggs about this).
Vodacom - Cellular service provider - my business cell - I got a Blackberry with my last upgrade. It's been 15 months. I still cannot get them to give me a) internet accessibility, and b) email reception!!! Too late now, in 6 months I'm due for another upgrade. Going to ditch this piece of crap and get me a Nokia again....

And so it goes on.

With regards Renault, my next step is an open letter to the CEO of Renault South Africa. I will post it to the Citizen Motoring, Business Day Motoring, and Star Motoring newspapers. Maybe then someone will sit up and take notice.

The proof is in the website http://www.hellopeter.com/. A lot of people, with a lot of complaints. Some service providers are registered to respond, some, but most have a standard response.
"Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Someone from XXX will be in touch with you shortly".
Some do, some don't. Check it out.

Anyway, so the age of technology, such as it is here in sunny SA, is all but wasted. We'd be better off with Telex machines (look it up), or, as in the old days, going round and slapping someone awake!!!

So, to hell with Renault and Mercedes, I'm now shopping for a Volkswagen. Hope they know what service is all about.

So, that's my gripe for today. Now I feel much better, and can pack up and go home!



Solomonster said...

I hate to break this to you, but Volkswagen SA are listed on hellopeter.com as one of the companies who DON'T respond - straight after Renault.

You may also want to speak to one of your comrades at work (I'll email you his name if you would like) who went to the extent of setting up a blog called "vwsaservicesucks" which has subsequently been removed as things got ugly.

So you get a Blackberry, and it doesn't have internet....what a waste! Interestingly enough, hellopeter.com lists Vodacom as one of the companies who DO respond - maybe it's you? ;-)

Wreckless said...

This is their standard response. After this.... FUCKALL!!!!!
Hello Unhappy

We apologise for the inconvenience caused during this matter.

We have escalated your complaint to the Client Liaison Officer of the Vodacom outlets. This matter will be investigated by their office and feedback will be provided accordingly.

Kind Regards

Roderique Lategan