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Thursday, June 15, 2006

You are the weakest link!

Have you ever seen a collection of more idiotic / stupid people competing for a monetary prize on the basis of their intelligence! It's pathetic at best. Sometimes you get a contestant that's a bit brighter than the rest, but gets voted off early. Obviously cause he's / she's seen as a threat!

And the attitude of the presenter. It's laughable. This hard?, rude, cheeky woman has to have all her wits around her to keep from strangling someone!

And to top it off, I now know someone who entered, and WON! A whole ZAR20k (that's about 3 weeks beer money in the UK). Our company is so proud of him they had a "private" rerun of the show in the company auditorium! Have you ever!!!
I'm glad for him though. See, he's a big time biker, and writes a lot of articles for a local biking mag (who shall remain nameless, as I have no wish to give the arsehole owner any free space), anyway, had he not won, his buddies would have never let him forget it! So, good for him.

As for this evenings lot, all students. Well, if that's the quality of intelligence of our modern day student body, God help us. Not 7 brain cells between the 9 of them.

Like, "What is the body of water which stretches down the east coast of Africa, all the way to Cape point called?"
"Lake Victoria" ....????....!!!! ....... OMG!!! (It's the Indian ocean for those of you who might not know)

or "How much is 7+ (-3)?
"10". (it's actually 4)

Ag Shame, I suppose they can blame apartheid, or slavery, or their parents, or bad teachers / lecturers, aids, poverty, hunger, strikes, Zuma, the Boers, Bush, communism, the South African Police, South African defense Force, CIA, FBI, ANC, SACP, NP, DP, IDP, IFP ..... Or any other third party. After all, it's always someone else's fault, isn't it?

Well, some of them were white kids, so I suppose they just plain stupid. (They don't qualify to blame any of the above, except maybe the ANC).

I know that you can get stage fright, pressure blackouts, and the like, but after a round or two, you should settle in and then be "clever". After all, the reason you applied to take part in the first place is because you / your friends / family think you have a good general knowledge! Or are the producers paying anyone they can solicit to take part, because no self respecting intelligent person is trying to get onto the show?


PS - Some of the above I mean, some is tongue in cheek. No prizes for separating the two. It's irrelevant anyway!

And once again, images of Google - no permission requested.


Steven Douglas said...

Stupidity is the way to get on the show. I auditioned for it about 18 months ago and as part of the audition, you play a couple of rounds of the game. I was the only one of the lot who answered all my questions correctly and I didn't get on it. I did, however, see a few of the other lot from the audition on the show I could have been on...say no more...

Wreckless said...

Imagine, you
get on the show, you'r the brightest there, and you get booted off cause you are a threat, and everyone will think you got booted cause you are weakest....