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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mouton Blanc - Poker Star

A couple of years ago (it's been that long?) I downloaded the Poker Stars program, registered, and played poker, on line. Not for real dollars though, just the freebie stuff!

During my time playing I met some interesting people, and would look forward to seeing them on-line, daily. We'd chat, discuss our issues, talk crap, bluff the other players at the table. Loads of fun was had by all.

One player in particular became very special. Mouton Blanc - with the pic of a sheep as the icon.
For months we chatted, shared ideas, laughs.....
And then one day I found out that Mouton is a lady! All this time I treated her like one of the boys! However, that didn't change things.

Eventually, I regrettably had to delete the program from my pc, as it had become all consuming. It's crazy how you just want to play poker all day. So I told my fellow players I was signing off.... And that was that.
However, I did maintain some contact with Mouton via email (we did exchange email addresses at some point), but with my hard drive crashing (twice in 18 months now), I lost her details.

The other day she posted a comment on my blogg!! Damn, I was so excited. It's such a small world, isn't it?

So, to you Mon Cherie, I have the following to say:-
"Je ne pas parle francaise", & your favourite
"Merci Beau Coup mon ami"!!!

Welcome to my blogg, Mouton, and I trust we can renew our PC friendship!


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