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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

IT and HOORS!!!!

When management are targeted with growing their revenue, it's amazing the things they will do.
We have a client with a requirement for training facilities. Now, we are not equipped for this, and it will require a complete refit of a section of the second floor.
Also, our Learning services division turned down the opportunity, as they (who do this stuff) could not accommodate the client.
But he who shall be obeyed, the illiterate incompetent creature named as manager of our division sez " We can do this"!
So now I'm running around trying to arrange a facility refit, meals (lunches) teas and biscuits!
For Fuck sakes!!!!
Apart from which, the price he came up with is really crazy, we can hardly do the lunchs for that!!

So, it got me thinking, if I approach him with this, will he go for it:-

We rip the whole of the 2nd floor. We could probably get 200 bunk beds into that space. That's 400 hoors. At say, 4 clients per 24 hours, at ZAR 50 per client (our cut) that's.... mmmmm.... Let's see....
400 x 4 = 1600 x 50 = 80000 per day x 30 days that's........ mmmmm ZAR 2,400,000 per month.
Hey, that's about double what we making now!!!!
Damn, I'm off to go run it by him... Later all


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Steven Douglas said...

Fuckin' brilliant plan...how come you're not running the division? The way you're generating the revenue, we'll have paid off the new facility in about a year. And just how many hoors could we put in that place? Wow...

Seaman R/Bay said...

Well what about a branch in R/Bay we have the harbour to support the idea. Let me know about start-up costs etc...

Wreckless said...

Sorry Seamn, but this proposed project is for a classy clientele. Those reject sailors that come to R/Bay don't qualify. In any case, we don't accept Zim Dollars, Angolan Quatcha, Mozambique whatevers.... Only ZAR and USD!
Thank you for the enquiry anyway!