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Friday, May 19, 2006

Today - Friday 19 May, 2006

It's winter now. How do I know.... Well, it's damn cold for one, there are no more leaves on the trees, And the fish pond is frozen over. Enough reasons for you?

Don't like winter. Too cold for me. All snotty nosed, coughing, miserable. And then you in the cold, in the heated office, out into the cold, and on and on.... Crap.
No wonder we all get sick. No wonder the old people go south for the winter. It's always a couple of degrees warmer there.

Went out for 5 minutes, and now it's started raining. That makes it even more miserable and cold. A cup of hot coffee is required just about now.

Going into a branch meeting in 5 minutes. More blah, blah, blah.... To be followed by a social event (read: bring some meat and drinks, and get together after the meeting, and burn the meat, talk some crap, be nice with people you don't like......) I'll be giving this one a miss though, not in the mood to socialise, and liable to kill someone if I start to drink.

Later all


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