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Thursday, May 18, 2006

To eternity

Extract from an email I sent out today. On the list of recepients were:-
My immediate manager
the manager of the division I do sales for
and their combined manager - the executive I had a meeting with some weeks ago which I reported on here.....
Client needs some info from me. After speaking to about 5 people, and no joy I resorted to this:-

I'm running out of options here, and still don't know if the stuff has been ordered, never mind when it will get here.
I need to call the client back to give him an update......
This is part of the problem. The bigger the picture gets, the bigger the problem.
We need to have someone responsible for the delivery side of this business. We can't all be sales! And all the attention is on signings / revenue...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where is the responsibility? Who's problem is this really? Do we care to actually deliver on our part of the contract? Anglo American is in the same boat right now....
What is the differance between our division, and the rest of this company? - They deliver!!!!!!!!!! Good service means a happy client means more business means.........
I am capitulating here. This can no longer be my problem. I have exhausted all my options, and have no interest in carrying on with this issue. Suffice to say that the "support" we receive / are supposed to be receiving is pathetic at best, or non existant at worst, and this has a negative impact on moral, as well as signings prospects.
It may be time to have that serious discussion with regards roles and responsibilities - targets and influences on this - renumeration - deliverables ........ and the list goes on.

PS - Don't ask me to explain the heading, I have no idea of it's relevance......

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Steven Douglas said...

The heading has something to do with repeatedly banging your head against a blue brick wall...