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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The USA .... & Big Brother


Above is the link to a blog site I regularly visit. I also comment a lot there. In yesterdays post I did a long piece on terrorism and the USA, as a response to some ignoramus who posted a comment anonymously, and to whom Steve had replied.

Thinking about it last night I was wondering....

The USA is always sending troops off to exotic locations, where they get to meet new people, new cultures, and then try to kill them! And they think they are the rearguard of the civilized world, and they believe we need them to ensure the safety of mankind. What they have not had, for the longest time, it armed conflict on home soil.

What would the situation be if some country decided to invade the USA? What would their efficiency be? How would they manage such an incident?

It's a very big country, and with their so called liberal values / views, also easily penetrated. Think about it. They talk the big talk, and espouse much information and such about security, but I'm willing got bet that at any one time there are in excess of 5 million "alien" people resident there.

On who's side do you think they will be in the event of an invasion? And lets not pretend that all current "citizens" would be loyal to the cause! Reading some random bloggs I get the feeling that they are seriously unhappy with themselves.

The 911 event, although very serious, and sad and all, is proof that they are not in control. And if that could happen once, it can happen again.

Also, their "forte" is based on a force trained mainly for conventional type warfare. Including all these fancy computerized missile guidance systems and fancy, battery operated stuff. They have no chance against a radical, terrorist type fighter, with guerilla type tactics. (Vietnam refers). And even having been there, they do not have the expertise.

So, all in all, I think the reason why the USA takes it's troops off shore is to preempt a possible attack on their home soil. It's to create a perception that they are a force to be reckoned with, able to strike anywhere in the world.

It's just a front. Deep down they are really venerable.

I think.


1 comment:

Steven Douglas said...

You might have something there, bro. With a coastline of just under 20,000km (including Alaska - it's most vulnerable point), there's no way they can effectively monitor it. On top of that, the borders from Canada and Mexico are just as long as the coastline. Even if one had to stretch out the entire US army along the Mexican border, side to side, you would leave the entire Canadian border open to invasion (or vice versa).

It appears that the strategy of "do unto others before they do unto you" might just be the US government's motto.

The only major war fought on American soil was American against American (the Civil War), certainly not an indication of what the result might be if the USA was invaded (improbable, but not impossible). If one had to look at the US army's track record of fighting in street-to-street and jungle warfare, I think the invading army might stand a good chance at winning such a war.