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Monday, May 22, 2006

The call of the Sultanate of Oman....

I found an ad in the Sunday paper for job opportunities in Dubai. Basically I would be doing what I do now, or one place up and be an Account Manager / Client Rep.

Pay in USD. Medical Aid, schooling facilities for the kids, car allowance, home leave ticket, etc. Tax FREE! Great.
Only I probably would go alone. Not sure if I would want to take the family to this place. Information says that there is not much to do, and sports non existent, etc. But I could earn a whack of USD. Tax FREE!

SO, tomorrow my CV goes off. With a bit of luck I'll get the job. Not sure if I want it but.....

Everything will change. The Princess will have to cope alone with the kids. Looking after the home. Taking care of herself here...... I won't be able to pop off to the local for a Coke, friends will disappear. It's a big move. But I'm left with almost no choice......

Yup, I will become a migrant worker. I will sell my freedom for the USD. 24 months and I'll probably have enough to come back and start something of my own. Hell, this is a harder decision than when I had to decide to get married! (Hehe)

Will discuss with the Princess tonight. And send off the CV tomorrow....


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Steven Douglas said...

Bro, I wouldn't blame you for going for it. I know the Princess will understand if it'll save your sanity too.

Let us know what she said...