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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

23 May 2006

The Princess has given her blessing. So the CV went off last night. Now we wait and see. She's keen to go with if need be, but I think for the kids it will be better if she stays here..... Schools and sports and music and friends, and what will we do with the house?
Not going to sell it, thats for sure.

Went to below zero Celcius last night. Was verrrry cold. Today's not so bad though.
Had an interesting meeting this morning with some guys from a sister division. And I thought we were ripping off the customer! They took our price to them and uplifted it by about 65%! and then gave it to the client, and were surprised when he told them to piss off!!! Hahaha.


There's a blogg I read regularly (for those who don't already go there link attached)
This guy is awesome. The stuff he writes about, and the way he describes the world through his eyes makes for some very funny reading. Go visit him. Comment. He is good.

Another favourite of mine is

Jenny is sweet. Writes well. Takes most things in her stride, except for some of my more outrageous (tounge in cheek) comment. Good for a read though. Support her.

This guy writes well. Just not often enough.
But when he writes it's worth reading. Also responds well to comments. Typically read "Stand up and identify yourself, fuckwit... ". It's worth the time.......

And finally, a local Blogger who has interesting stuff, mostly related to his local news rag

Well, as can be seen / read, I'm a bit short on ideas. Seems I have hit a wall (writers block?), but I'm sure to get back up to speed soon.



Solomonster said...

I investigated this avenue several years ago - you'll find that your package will typically include a flight back to SA every six weeks or so. Many expats use this to fly the wife/husband over there for a holiday instead.

Vasbyt, holding thumbs and crossing everything (including my eyes)


Steven Douglas said...

Without preaching or opinionating (too much), everthing has a purpose but it sorts itself out in the end. This is one of those times in life when you have to sit back and say "Ok, I need to make some changes", and then go out and do it. Sounds to me like that has already started.

Maybe it's my turn soon...

As for the compliment regarding my writing, thank you very much and I apologise for not posting more often. Sadly, I have a job (as you do) that takes up most of my online day and whenever I shut the laptop down at night, it is very seldom that I switch it on until the following morning.

As for your own writing, your blog is one of my favourites and though I may not always post a comment, I always enjoy the read and usually the great laugh that goes with it. Keep it coming.

BTW...I feel there's a poem in the offing. Where is it? It's been a while...Stay kewl, bro...

jenny said...

Aww shucks Max...no-one's ever called me sweet before!

What will I say about your possible move? (sound of thinking...)

Leave it all to fate. If it's meant to be it'll happen, if it's not it won't and something else will come along. Everything happens to us for a reason...and good things happen to good people and your one of the good people!

So I'm not going to cross anything for you because you'll land on your feet one way or the other.