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Monday, May 29, 2006

Play on words.......

I have been asked to put together, in an email, all the details pertaining to a deal I am busy working on.
I have also been asked to keep my normal, typical Italian emotions out of the email.
So, I have. And have finished it of with this (some input from Steve to brighten things up):-

Firstly, we must get a better price for this solution
Unless we work together, we will lose this deal.
Clients are not stupid, he can see if we are screwing him.
Keep up the pressure on the other dept. to ensure cooperation.

Unless we dictate the final price, they are liable to get it wrong.

Should we need to, we must escalate to exec. Level.
Our future dealings with this client are now at risk.

I hope that they will see I am keen to win this and have not been emotional.

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