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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Response to ranting about stuff....

I received a comment on a previous posting called Ranting about stuff. I am publishing it here, with thanx and (unasked for) permission to Steve (check out his blogg - see links...). It's a good read / addition / response to my post....

You put the cause of all this upheaval/discontent in your posting, maybe without realising it...
"Over population of the earth".
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out.
The more people there are, the:-
More crime there will be;-
More demand on natural resources will be;-
More opportunity to shaft some poor fucker there will be;-
More "rich" people there will be;-
More accidents on our roads there will be as there is an increased number of vehicles every year;-
Lower the morals of the population (generalising) there will be;-
More demand for delivery (on everything) there will be;-
More you will be a number to the email address you work for (people are becoming a commodity now too);-
More the media will pick up on the sensational stories and blurt them out across ever-expanding and accessible networks;-
More difficult it will be to make a living for you and your family (never mind your grandchildren one day);-
Easier it will be for corporations to get rid of people and restock their numbers with new blood looking to shaft the previous sucker;-
Easier it will be for suicide bombers to find a target, and for the networks to report it;-
Faster the natural resources will be depleted (yet we insist on developing the combustion engine further?);-
More the "have not's" will want what the "have's" have got, even though the latter worked hard for it;-
Easier it will be for germs and viruses to mutate, faster than "cures" can be found for them;- etc.- etc.- etc.
It's an extensive list, but it essentially comes down to the global population explosion (partially, I believe, in that we have not had a major war for 61 years, and partially due to lack of education and a few other reasons like "I-couldn't-give-a-shit-as-I-won't-be-here-anyway") and the higher the numbers become, the more exponential the population growth becomes. Eventually, something's gonna blow and regardless of what happens, the human race (as we know it now) will never be the same again after it.
The numbers have got to drop, otherwise we're ALL fucked...and the doomsday clock is ticking...


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