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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


A few years ago (2011) the company I now work for did some test work on a "waste " product, to see if it could be recycled.
Internationally this waste is either dumped in hazardous waste fill site, or used in the road building industry. In some countries that use some of it as an additive to the cement making industry. A couple of companies have come up with recycling plant / machines, but are very expensive, and so does not warrant the capital outlay (ROI sucks).

The test work done in our labs proved that with our technology (actually a couple of our various products are involved) can successfully recycle this product, with a 10 - 20% wastage.

Consider the following:-
Currently, the product is used once (maybe 2 or 3 times), then dumped. 100% replacement costs, plus disposal charges (which could be as much as the replacement costs per ton).

Now, with our plant - replacement costs is 10-20%, and disposal charges are 10-20% of original cost!

I just finished the calculations on a plant to process 60 Tons per day, and the ROI on this is 15 months! Thereafter, the running costs are minimal, maintenance minimal, and profits go through the roof.
Have spoken to 3 prospective clients, and had the same response form all 3 - WE WANT ONE!

So, will go to each one, get a sample of their product (waste) recycle it for them, have the university do tests on the product, and present same to the clients.
This could be even bigger than my shit machines - and because I picked up and ran with the project, its now in my portfolio!

Things are really looking up!!!



Divemaster GranDad said...

Hey there....thought I would pop over, for a change. I'd forgotten all about the blogs.


That's the sad part of recycling. It's seen as expensive and thus not worth the time and effort. I think that if the right products are manufactured in the first place, recycling will be at a minimal straight away, but for any residual waste, that can be recycled easily.

Unfortunately, humans are wasteful creatures that want maximum return on as little investment as possible, and damn the environment in the process. "I won't be here to see the world choke itself on its own crap".

Good luck with your machines...got a job for me? LOL....

Fishman said...

But it also depends on the availability of the waste. If it is used in road construction for example, how will you get the it to the construction site? I know they had this idea to recycle used tyres to add to bitumen for road laying. But the transport cost did not make it viable.