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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Waste - recycling - my opinion

Hi all - anyone still bother to read this? I know I have been bad at posting, but with the new job, less stress, and not much to bitch about, I didn't really have much to say.
I now have now found vigor for this blog, and you will find that my posts will take up a new look - one with positive messages, thoughts and ideas. That is, until I find something to bitch about.

So what has brought me here today? I passed a comment to a fellow employee today. We were discussing a comment I made in a presentation / document I am compiling for a new client set, in which I make a statement which is, as yet, unproven. However, I am also confident it cannot be refuted - hey, what can I say - that's me!

Basically, I am of the opinion that, apart from spent nuclear waste, there is NOTHING on this earth today, which is considered waste, which cannot be RECYCLED!

Seriously. I have done a mountain of research and read reams of papers, etc.on various subjects, relating to the work I now do, and every time I come across another new idea, invention, thought, which shows how / why something should be recycled.
In fact, I would go so far as to state that if we, as the intelligent species on this planet, had to institute rigorous recycling methods across all sectors / products, we could do away completely with dump sites!
We could probably extend the supportable life span of the earth by hundreds of years.

I would appreciate any comments, thoughts on this subject. Also, if you think of something you don't believe can be recycled, post it here - I will tell you how / why it can be!
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