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Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Smiles

Don't feel like posting anything right now, so decided to post these pics for your amusement - or not!
I have not requested permission to repost these - I figure a they are readily available on the internet, they in the public domain already!
The Carlton center, and Hotel was "THE PLACE" to go in it's hey day. Today, the Carlton center is a snake pit of Nigerian drug lords, and I don't know if the Carlton Hotel still exists. Check out those prices!

Seen this one before - but thought it was worth a re-post. My theory - the one on the left is "natural", the one on the right has probably had extensive work done!

Selfless Struggle! Yea right - pity the car that's being driven was bought with corrupt funds!

The comment that came with this pic was regarding the "boarders" - specifically our illegal aliens from the north and east of RSA!

Not sure where I got this one - but it must be a shop in the East somewhere - and the unfortunate name is as a result of direct translation!

OK, so this is not funny - and by no means the way to treat a Ferrari! Probably belonged to some drug trader who had "tested" some of his own goods..... Moron!

This si great - probably staged, but neat!
OK, so now I can dump these from my "To Post" box......


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Hey there and Happy Friday to you too.

I remember the Carlton well. I worked there for 4 years on the 47th floor! Remember the ice rink?

Jayne said...

Jeez, the Carlton brings back memories! I used to work in Commissioner Street, hundreds of years ago (feels like it!)
I think the hotel closed its doors years ago & the rooms were converted into offices, which are now probably run by the aforementioned Niggerian druglords.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

I remember the ice rink. In my younger stronger drinking days I passed out whilst skating at full speed, and smashed my face into the ice!