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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bad Boy

I noticed just now that it's been a week or so since my last post. That's bad - seriously. However, I have been busy, and didn't have anything to post anyway. So here's an update.....

Went to a local restaurant last week Wednesday, on the recommendation of various people, for their "half price sushi special". Well, half price it might have been, special it was not.

Cape Town Fish Market is a well known chain restaurant. In general, their service and food is good. We went to the one in the Cresta Mall. On arrival, I saw they were quite busy, but also noticed that they had ample waiters running around, more than 10. So, instead of just going to a table and sitting down, hoping that someone would see us and offer us some service, I grabbed one of the waiters, and asked for a table. He showed us to one, and said he would send a waiter with menu's, and to take a drinks order. At least 10 minutes passed. no one came near us. I called the number on the little condiments basket - Customer Care Center. No one answered - no surprise I suppose. Eventually I cornered a waiter, and got a drinks order in, and managed to secure some menu's. Drinks came, waiter left. More waiting - so we go and get some sushi of the conveyor thingy at the front. Not much choice, and all of them "black" plates (the most expensive sushi dish). We took 6 plates, and then I had to go and find side plates, serviettes, chop sticks, and that soya sauce. Also went and found wasabi......
Terrible, if that's what they serve as sushi, I am very disappointed. So, I grab another waiter, and threaten to beat the crap out of him if I don't get some service. Menu's and another round of drinks. It worked. he figured this grey haired old man is seriously pissed, armed with a pair of nearly sharp chop sticks. Drinks and menus arrived - I didn't let him leave. We ordered some food off of the menu - and sent him on his way. The food arrived, with plates, and cutlery... we ate, paid and left. Never ever going back to that shit hole again.

On Thursday night Italy was playing Germany in the Euro semi-final. I really wanted to watch. We got a notification that maintenance work was going to be done on the electricity network, and our area would be affected - from 9pm Thursday through to 5 am Friday. So I had to find some other place to watch the game. The Princess went to have coffee with a friend, LuckyL went to a pub in Fourways with mates from work, GMan was working.... I drove down to the next town, Roodepoort, and found a seat in the Joker, a "Irish Pub". I know they have several TV's, I know they usually have them on the sports channel. I didn't know that they were having a Q&A quiz nite! Do me a fucking favour! I called Fishman to join me, but he wasn't available. Anyway, I bought a drink. Single Jack Daniels - R19.50, and Coke - R16.00!!! WTF?
A coke sells in the local store for around R4.50 / R5.00. As a pub, they buy in bulk, and probably get it for around R3.00 a can. Where the hell do they come from charging R16.00 a can?
So, I limited myself to one drink, not that I drink usually, and wouldn't have had more than one as I was driving. Game was good - Italy 2 - 1 Germany!!! Drove home only to find that our suburb was the only one unaffected by the power outage, and I could have watched the game at home, or down the road at the club. Ah well.......

Sunday The Princess and I went to a local joint - Cedar Lodge. As the name might indicate, it's owned / run by Lebs. Not that that makes a difference, other than the Lebs know how to cook. They also had a buy one, get one free sushi special. And we had great sushi, as much as we needed, and got away with R100.00 total! (Excluding drinks). Good sushi at great price. Now why the hell would I want to travel 20km (one way) further to get crap food, when I can get good food 4km from home!?!?! Well done Cedar Lodge!

OK, more later. There are some things happening on the work front which I want to share - but can't right now.


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