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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Update

Took a day off on Friday, and went to see the stainless steel railings company. Great stuff! I am definitely going to be doing some business with them. Just need to get the pricing estimator sorted out, and have already started to talk to some guys who are in the building game / in the process of doing building alterations!
Also this weekend, Italy managed to go through to the Semi-finals of the FIFA UEFA cup! What a game! England were nowhere! As commented in the office - Italy were either playing against themselves, ot against the England Goal keeper. The rest of the England team were absent! Amazing to see the Italian team hold more then 70% possession of the ball, have more than 40 shots at goal, and with more than 50% on trget. They just had no luck on their side! it could have easily been a 6 - 0 white wash. As it turned out, 4-2 on penalties was sweet justice! Next game is against the terrifying Germans, and I don't fancy our chances in that game. That said, football is a funny game......

A comment made by (what I thought were very pro-English) commentators, "In football, no two halves are the same, so we can expect to see a completely different outcome in the second half"! WTF? No matter, the second half was more of the same, with Italy in control! Done and dusted - bring on the Huns!
This is how we came through the ranks to this spot. No losses, and a couple of draws, so maybe we do deserve to be in the semi's after all!

Match log

Match log

The home team is listed first.Last updated: 25/06/2012 01:15 CET
03.09.2010UEFA EUROQualifying roundEstoniaEstonia1-2ItalyItaly
07.09.2010UEFA EUROQualifying roundItalyItaly5-0Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands
08.10.2010UEFA EUROQualifying roundNorthern IrelandNorthern Ireland0-0ItalyItaly
12.10.2010UEFA EUROQualifying roundItalyItaly3-0SerbiaSerbia
25.03.2011UEFA EUROQualifying roundSloveniaSlovenia0-1ItalyItaly
03.06.2011UEFA EUROQualifying roundItalyItaly3-0EstoniaEstonia
02.09.2011UEFA EUROQualifying roundFaroe IslandsFaroe Islands0-1ItalyItaly
06.09.2011UEFA EUROQualifying roundItalyItaly1-0SloveniaSlovenia
07.10.2011UEFA EUROQualifying roundSerbiaSerbia1-1ItalyItaly
11.10.2011UEFA EUROQualifying roundItalyItaly3-0Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland
10.06.2012UEFA EUROFinal tournament - Group stageSpainSpain1-1ItalyItaly
14.06.2012UEFA EUROFinal tournament - Group stageItalyItaly1-1CroatiaCroatia
18.06.2012UEFA EUROFinal tournament - Group stageItalyItaly2-0Republic of IrelandRepublic of Ireland
24.06.2012UEFA EUROQuarter-finalsEnglandEngland0-0ItalyItaly

Overall, a nice weekend, damn cold, and windy. Today is more of the same. Started to stir things up at the office as I am not happy to have external influences fuck with my ability to close deals anymore. Have also started to collect all the information I have been saving over time with regards the manipulation of numbers that has adversely affected my commissions. Show down is looming, and I'm ready for it. Fuck the corporation!

The Princess is great, LuckyL is a star, GMan is, well, GMan, still home, still does not have a real job, still does not seem to really want to get one. Will have to work on that.


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