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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Traffic thoughts (No, not terrific....)

Ever wondered about "girlfriends" and how they choose their besties? (Besties is now a common term for "best friend") And in this instance girlfriends refers to girls, and their girl (lady) friends.
So driving in the traffic, I often see girls traveling together. Many times it's just two of them. What I noticed is that often, one would be blond, and the other brunette! Is this co-incidence?

My thoughts are as follows:-
The blond girls make friends with brunettes, as they believe blondes are more popular, and they don't like competition, so being "besties" with a brunette almost ensures they (and not their "bestie") will get the attention!

Brunettes make friends with blondes, because the think blondes are stud magnets, so the chances of getting lucky are increased when in the company of a magnet!!

Just my thoughts on the subject, not my actual opinion. Your thoughts?


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