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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizza Sunday

For some weeks (months?) now, we have had what is fondly called "Pizza Sunday". basically, we are a bunch of good friends, who get together at one place each Sunday afternoon for pizza's. We take it in turn to bring some of the various requirements for the do, like drinks, or the cheeses, or fillings, or dough, or charcoal briquettes, or dessert. It's a lot of fun, and some good banter takes place.

The pizza's are done on a massive plate that fits onto a Weber (LIU) braai! 25 briquettes are lit, and when glowing, these are placed around the outer edge of the grid, the pizza pan on top, and the Weber cover on top of that. 20 Minutes later, it's done!

 A lot of fun has been had experimenting with various fillings, and we even did a "breakfast pizza" with bacon and eggs!!

Each week the consensus is "This was the best one so far!"

What we have now included is a desert pizza! Yup, I know it sounds crazy, and coming from an Italian, completely out of kilter, but damn, have we got it down to a fine art!
Dessert Pizza - Sunday 26 Feb 2012
A standard pizza base, with grated Albany (dark) chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate (Grated) spread over the base. Then, on one half, sliced strawberries (maximum 2.3mm thick) and the other half, marshmallows, and Marshmallow Easter eggs! All this goes onto the Weber the same way as the standard pzza, and 20 minutes later - WOW!

How does it taste? Like melted chocolate, and strawberries / or marshmallows, on biscuit! it's damn great!

Overall, a great weekly tradition, with great friends. And we home by 7 - 7.30 pm.
2 x Giant Weber pizza's - nearly devoured!!!
Biltong topping - cause we can

Chocolate, strawberries, Marshmallow Easter eggs - on one half, and Feta and figs on the other half!!!!



Unknown said...

Oh, I knew I was going to find something I shouldn't when I revisited. Here I am, the fat American, starving at lunch time gawking at some of the best looking pizzas I have ever seen.
Damn you, sir, and your culinary artistic ability.

Jayne said...

having tasted genuine Italian pizza, I have to say there's nothing quite like it (altho' the Domino's pizza from the Adnoc filling station before you hit Abu Dhabi still ranks as the absolute best!)
However, looking at your dessert pizza, I now have to inform you that I'm quietly cursing you for making me feel very 'liss'(?) for such a creation - bugger it looks good!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@ Unknown - no way u r starving, you are a phone call away from one or other delivery service - order a pizza!

@ Jayne - Italian Pizza is just different - very basic filling which gives it's own credible tastes! Ours are really overkill, but the best part is the experimentation! The dessert pizza is a killer!