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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our past

So, life has it's up's and downs, and things happen to us, and we ride it, fight it, fix it, move on. But, some stuff seems to hang around, things don't want to come right, shit happens, I know, but somehow there seems to be a block in the process. What am I talking about? Good question, I don't really know, so I will try to explain, without implicating anyone.

For some time now things have been, well, bad. Financially, I am seriously worse off than 6 years ago, and it's not that my life style has changed, annual increases have been dismal, but the cost of living has gone up. Work situation, as you all know, sucks. Family life is good, well, it's OK. We have challenges with GMan, but those are of his own doing. With LuckyL, things are good. Me and the Princess, good. i had the bad accident in January, that was bad, but overall, OK.

So where does all this come from? I have a good friend, who lives In Jeffreys Bay. He is a reborn Christian (nothing wrong with that), and has me as his "project". What do I mean? Well, he believes that he is tasked with looking after me spiritually, and I have no reason to discount his opinion. In fact, I kind of appreciate his stand on this, as it gives me perspective, food for thought. Yesterday he called to have a chat. One of the things he brought up was my relationship with my late Dad. In his learning, he has come across something referring to past life, and how this affects your now life. He thinks that things between me and my late Dad were not good before he passed, and this is maybe one of the reasons that stuff in my today life is, well, not steady.

(Does all this make sense to any of you?)

So he has tasked me to a) think about the relationship I had with my Dad, and b) to work through it. That could be to address the issues that remain which affect my present decisions, or to make peace with my Dad for past events. Easier said than done really. I don't think we were on bad terms at the time of his passing, in fact I believe we had had a great relationship for the last 5 - 6 years before he passed. I do have recollections of massive stand up arguments we had when I was younger, more stupid, and rebellious, but I don't think that it was anymore an issue in the end, than any other "growing up" difference we had.

Somehow, I think that maybe my mate has it wrong, but I will be spending some time working through my memory database, and sorting stuff out. And, whilst I am at it, I will "chat" with my Dad, explain my actions, and sort it out with him.

"Crazy" I hear you say! Maybe, but it wont cost me anything, and maybe it will sort out some of the shit in my head.

Next move will be my sister and brother. Let's see what issues reside there, and what about Mom?

Just thought I would share it with you.



A Daft Scots Lass said...

Its great to resolve unfinished business with both family and friends but it has to be how and when YOU want to do it. I understand your friends concern for you but surely your spirituality is something you need to decide upon?

Food for thought is good but you decide when to eat your Karma (if you get what I mean)

Perhaps I'm missing the point.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@ DSL - I hear you, and you are correct. However, MB (my mate) is kind of my spiritual guide I suppose, and his chat is based on concern for me, and guidance. And yes, even though the idea has been put forward, doing it is still my choice.