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Friday, January 27, 2012


After wasting 2 years playing poker, and probably losing a ton more than he ever won, GMan was approached by some guy he met at one of the high flyer games he used to deal at. The guy own a Venture Capital company (from what I can understand) and seemed impressed by GMan. He offered to employ him, and train him. And, I understand, one of the conditions of employment is that he stops gambling - that to me is first prize!

Anyway, he started work at the beginning of this year. His boss is very status conscious, and has many visitors / business men coming in from China, Russia, Switzerland, so wants his employees that collect them at the airport to make a good impression. His first "company" car is a brand new Jaguar. And as they only keep their cars for 6 months, his next car, a brand new Range Rover, is already on order!!!

I think he has finally been given a good chance to make something of his life, and if this goes well, he can make a damn load of money. His starting salary s up there where some graduates don't even get to, and there is some commission scheme in place as well. Whatever, as long as he's not playing poker, he's making money!!!!


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Divemaster GranDad said...

Can you ever fully rehabilitate a gambler? :-)

Good for G-man...I'm glad he's got a break...just hope he makes the best of it, otherwise he may end end (heaven forbid) working at the place that my WV is showing, "dions"...LOL...