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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ballito 2011 / 2112

Ok, so we took an extended leave from work. From my side, management were not too happy - fuck them. For the Princess it was no problem. We were very blessed to be given the use of her employers place down in Simbithi, a golf estate. His place has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, etc, and a view to die for.

We left Sunday 18th, early in the morning, driving in LuckyL's car, (he had taken her car - see previous posts I think), and I drove all the way down. I managed a fuel consumption of 14.3 km/l - damn good if I must say so myself.

Anyway, our time down there was fantastic. We did what we had set out to do - as little as possible - resting, reading, eating, drinking, nothing...... My brother and his brood joined us for a few days over Xmas, as did GMan, and we did Old Years Eve with friends at the Barnyard in the Gateway. Other than that - nada.
We eventually had to come home on the 2nd of January, as the Princess had to get back to work. Me, I still had a whole two weeks at home, and made plans to do some serious maintenance, as well as spend some time at my future place of employment!!!

View From the balcony

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans - been standing for 15 years. I found it, and now want to buy it.

View from kitchen area, through lounge, to the deck, and beyond.

Now this is a view to get up for everyday!

Some monkeys around, and the wild species too. Didn't pose any problems for us though.

This flag which was being "towed" by the chopper was massive!

They had problems with water supply due to the massive influx of visitors to the town, but wasn't a big thing.


Found this silver fork between some rocks while doing some rock pool walking.

Same fork after 4 days in vinegar, and some polishing.
So, we went to see an old school friend of the Princess, and it turns out she's married to a guy who was at school with me! At his house I found the Moto Guzzi in the foto above. He rode it home one day, about 15 years ago, and just never rode it again! So I'm chatting to him to sell it to me. e has kept the license updated, so it needs a bit of work, but I already have a buyer for it! Can make some good money on it and LuckyL will have money for his planned trip to Italy!

Speaking about LuckyL - he got very good results for his Martic finals. His overall average is 71.5%!! Made me very very proud. Overall, he spent a whole month down at the coast, so had a very good break. Unfortunately he decided too late what he wanted to study, so we could not get him into uni this year, and now he's getting very bored. But we might get him a job at a place where he will be involved in mechanical stuff first hand, so that will help him decide if it's actually what he wants to do.

Overall, a great holiday, and I ended my trip to the coast on a high note, with a very positive attitude!


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Jayne said...

Wow, thanks for making me really fucking homesick (for my own home near Slummies)!
Beautiful view - don'tcha ever get gatvol of waking up in Joburg?
Congrats to the baby boy child o8n his matric results & I hope he gets sorted with a job that he's happy in :-)