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Monday, October 03, 2011

It's Monday

and I am back in the shithole. It's getting harder and harder to come to the office these days.
This morning I sent management an email giving them 4 days to sort out my client kist and commissions, after which I will present the facts to the CEO - and to CCMA for further action.
Done - in writing. Let's see if they take me serously or not.
Worst thing they can do is pay me to go away. Thank you, a golden handshake right now would do fine. Ultimately, they are screwing with me earnings potential, they don't seem to be taking my concerns seriously, they keep saying it will be corrected AT THE NEXT REITERATION, and it never is, they refuse to pay out commissions out of the cycle time, so if you have a correction done after the 15th of the month, they say you must wait for the end of the next month, and if it's not done, then you get to wait another month. FUCK THAT!!

Went to a great wedding on Saturday, drank way too much for one who does not drink anymore, and suffered a headache from hell from about 10pm Saturday, till about 10 pm last night. Geeezzzz, and to think I could open and finish a bottle of rum just a few years ago.

Sunday saw us at the Matriarch's house, sorting and throwing away stuff, and deciding what's to be kept, what gets given away, what's going to the hospice.... eish, not an easy thing for me to do, but we got a lot done. She's going to move into a retirement village in the next month, so we have to get rid of a ton of stuff - remember, she has lived there since 1957!! And even though my dad was never one for hoarding stuff, neither is she, but there is always the stuff you keep for "one day". Anyway, I have a friend who lives on a farm, and they can always use more stuff - old tools, saws, benches, tables, and the like.
I also found Dad's old Grappa Still!!! That's going to come in handy - we going to be making some moonshine on the farm!!!!

Anyway, suppose I better try and get some work done.

Later all



A Daft Scots Lass said...

Lemmie know when the moonshine's ready.

I'm impressed you did all that with a hangover...

Divemaster GranDad said...

There's no such thing as "old" grappa...only "undrunk"...yum!

SSDD at the work front, huh? Nothing changes there...

WV = BULNESSE (the stuff that comes from a female manager?)