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Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Princess

has been away for a break for a few days. So, Mom had a major op, and then we sent her to live with my brother and his wife to recuperate. The SIL does not work, so she was able to look after Mom.
Now that Mom is ready to come home, the Princess thought it might be a good idea to take the SIL on a break, to say thanks for the effort, and to let her also de-stress / chill out for a while. So the Princess asked her boss for his apartment in Ballito (LIU), booked the flight, and invited SIL to join her there. She flew down on Tuesday morning, and they met at the airport in DBN. She comes home, with Mom in tow, this Saturday.

From the chats we have had, and the pics I have received it seems like they having a good time - lots of rest, and fun. Good, they both need and deserve it!

In the meantime, LuckyL is doing his prelim exams, started this week Monday. I must say he has been diligent, and working hard at it. I hope he gets the marks he deserves. Today he does the last exam for this week, then he is going to chill for a while, till the next one sometime next week - probably Monday.
We have been managing ok without the Princess, but it's just not the same - I don't care what the guys out there say, we really need our women!

Work wise, we carry on. My trip to the USA for the first week in September didn't happen, although they had said it might happen in the first week of October due to the availability of the new guy who also has to go. But, I have also heard that there is (again) a freeze on travel, so my gut tells me the newbie darkie gets to go, and I don't. But hey, that's how the bones fall.

I have made it quite clear to my management that this clown will not be riding on my back with regards the opp. that I have created. He's come in at a probably very high price, as the "expert" on the offering (seems he was the "architect" of a similar solution at a competitor), and as the Business Development Manager (I think that's his title), he better go generate some business - there is no way in hell he's getting any kudo's from any of my deals. - Hey, that's just me - OK!

GMan - well, actually the easy answer is "I don't know", but I do know some stuff. Met with him the ohter day at a motor dealer to look at another car for him. Trying to arrange a straight swap - his car for one on the floor. But that's another story. SO he says he's had a job offer. Seems like one of the guys that plays GMans poker game regularly is very well off. Has a couple of businesses. Manufacturing and distribution part of the set up. he wants to open a distribution presense in Cape Town, and has asked GMan to go run it for him! Maybe later he will add a amnufacturing presence there as well, as part of the package!!!
So, apart from a really good salary, (and a real job I might add), he's offering 25% shares in the company, and free accommodation in a house he owns in CT!!!

He said he wanted to come chat to me and the Princess about it, but have not heard from him since - maybe he will still come round - although, he probably knows the Princess is away, so will come round when she's back?

Anyhow, this is my short update of the current state of affairs - will post again soon.

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