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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Been a while since......

I last posted here. A bit of lazyness, mixed in with some hectic events mean I just didn't bother. And added to that the fact that I don't think anyone reads this anymore means I probably have not been letting anyone down anyway.

So whats been happening?
Well, I last posted that Mom went into hospital for a major operation. She came through fine, and is now down in Richards Bay, with my brother and his family, where it's a bit warmer, and she can recuperate. However, whist she was still in hospital, mom-in-law also got very sick.
It was a Saturday. She called upstairs, at about 4 pm, to say she was not well. The princess went down stairs, and immediately called me to say she had to take her to hospital. Mad dash down to her hospital, get her admitted, x-rayed etc, and they had to do an emergency operation for a perforated peptic ulcer!!!

Yup, and to make it worse, she had woken up at 2 am with an incredible pain, but didn't want to disturb us, so waited till sunrise. Then remembered that the Princess was working that day, so didn't want to disturb her, so waited till she got back from work! In the meantime all her stomach acids were leaking into her abdomen!!! 4FS!!!

And, it seems that she had been walking around with this condition (peptic ulcer) fro about a year, but had not bothered to go and see a doctor about it.
So much for common sense.

So, apart from running around between hospitals, working and trying to maintain some form of sanity......

Last Sunday the garden boy turns up at home. He had not come to work on Saturday, so I was kind of pissed off. Thought he might want to work Sunday cause he missed Saturday.... Anyway, he comes into the yard, and I ask him what's the story. He need R350.00. OK, what for? So, he lives in a squatter camp (which darkie doesn't?) His neighbors asked him, on Friday, to go to the bottle store to buy a couple of crates of beer (quarts). On the way he gets mugged, and they take the R350 from him. He goes back to the camp, and these clowns take his hands and shove them into the fire, burning his palms!!! And then say, if he does not make a plan to return the R350, they going to burn down his shack! 4FS! Normal people would go and see if they can find the muggers. Not these fucking kaffirs. No, much easier to threaten the victim! Anyway, so I gave him the money and he will have to work it off..

LuckyL is still doing great. School marks are good, still enjoying his bike, and his car. Recently had a big sound system installed into the car..... typical. It's not about the sound,  but about going round and bragging with what he has. Kids today....!

Gman - don't know.

The princess is great. Too some time off work to look after m-i-l after she came out of hospital, but now is back at work. She is an absolute star!

On the work front - same old same old. But, I have been asked to attend training in the USA for a week, probably the first week in October, and one of the VP's from the States has offered to mentor me! Not sure I need it (suppose I do), but apparently it will be good for me from a "network" perspective. Will see what value it adds to my life.

Overall, things are OK. And we just carry one, one day at a time.

Chat soon,


Divemaster GranDad said...

I brag about the sound system I installed in the Mazda-rati as well...140w Sony Explod's in the front, 120w Explod's in the back, as well as a 600w sub-woofer behind the seat....makes it an absolute driving pleasure... :-)

Glad to hear all the mothers are doing well, and also the family...

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Nice to see you back and a week in the US - wtf? and who with - send me an email

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

BFAM - Yea but looks like it is postponed for now. Will let u know.....

DMD - send me his email addy pls.