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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


So, my Micro Management posts got some serious comments, from all of my 3 followers (I really need to find more people to read my shit. Any suggestions?)

And, all of the comments are valid and good. Thanx for that guys (and gals).

That said, I called in this morning for my 8 am MM call, and was privy to the salesperson before me doing his feedback. Very organised and structured, he reads what he said he would do yesterday, then says what he actually did, and then what he's going to do today, then moves on, not rally giving management a chance to speak. But they do get to interrupt.

Although it's probably the right way to do this kind of call, and it's well structured, you kind of get the feeling he's really bowing down to their level. One of "Yes Sir, No Sir, 3 bags full of crap sir".

What I do is let them ask me line by line what I actually did. Then they have to ask what I'm going to do. And I respond in one liners. Minimum input means less pressure as far as I am concerned.

Also, I got through my call in about 4 minutes flat. As it is, All my stuff is in hand or closed.

I also got offered "any assistance" I might need if I am not getting the kind of feedback I require to move a deal forward.

Later all,

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Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Hi Friend,
Sorry I haven't been by but you aren't forgotten. Sounds like things are ok/status quo over there.