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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MM - FU - Part II

So, eventually we get to meet after 3.30 pm. No surprise, she does not even know when she's supposed to be in a meeting!!! Anyway, that aside, I again explained that due to the company not having  for us, and our time, or our efforts, I am making myself unavailable outside of the hours 8am to 4 pm. I agree to the reasons she gave as to why they need to be seen to be doing this, and confirmed I will put up with it for now, but if it is a planned semi-permanent thing, then she's better off not accepting my re-application. Did I mention we all have to reapply for our own jobs? Anyway, she also confirmed that her position is at risk. And?
So, fro tomorrow morning these calls will happen after 8am. No problem.
Anyone out there know what the rules are around cashing in a provident fund? How much is tax free (if any) and what the tax rate would be on the remainder (or whole portion)?

I have a plan, and with a little bit of luck, could "buy" myself freedom!!


Fishman said...

I can give you a number of a very very good tax consultant.

Divemaster Dad said...

She told you her job is at risk? Kak, bullshit, bollox and lies of the highest degree! Not one management position is at risk. If they were, they would be creating as much hell as the workers are...

Jayne said...

I fucking hate it when companies encroach on personal time - Hubs works to live, not live to work FFS! You did the exact right thing by telling your boss you'll only be available during working hours - my gawd, its not like most working people nowadays don't have enough stress to handle during working hours as it is!
Hubs refuses to answer any calls or emails from the minute he sets foot in the house at night. His working hours are from 7-5 but his fuckwit of a boss constantly holds meetings at 5.30pm simply because he can. Sed boss has fucked up this project big time & guess what, for his efforts, he's being promoted! Don'tcha just love it?

I think your best bet re the provident fund thing is to speak to a financial advisor. Mum took hers in the form of 50/50 - the first 50% she paid off the bond but the 2nd 50% paid in monthly instalments, is not enough to buy groceries for a week.......so IMHO, get professional advice :-)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Ok, Fishman, will be in touch if I need one.....
DMDad, the facts are on the table. Since she took over the position, signings have dropped about 75%. Now it might not be a direct reflection of her capability or influence, but the Corporation only looks at the results. So, she has a daily cadence call where she reports in what we are doing from a day to day basis. I don't doubt that. That's why I agree to the call, for the short term, but during working hours. It is also true that she also had to reapply for her job (I nearly applied for it when I saw it on the system), so I think they wanting to rationalise the management positions as well. And, there is no way they will create the kind of KAK that I would, they have more to lose. (And possibly will get a better handshake in the event they do get shafted!)
Jayne, Yea. I know how "hubby" feels. And I'm not going to put up with it anymore. Stuff it. I will find a way around this shit, or take my money and run. Already I have found more missing commissions due to me. So now It's me and the system again. All told, if I have done my sums right, I can cash out the Provident fund, take the payout and whats due on the commissions, and settle the bond. Then my monthly costs halve!!! I can go sell boerewors rolls at the local Builders Warehouse and make a good living!!!