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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Builders - Part II

So, in closing of my last post on the subject of building, I have finally finished the work we wanted done, finished off the cement, sand and stone, building sand, plaster sand..... Well, almost finished it all. I have about 2 wheelbarrows full of Building sand and stone mix (for concrete work) left.

First Box - to become a vegetable box

Side view, first and second boxes - Vegetables, and last corner - for the proposed Jo-Jo

Corner box - for the Jo-Jo

Top view

Last box, around the corner - not sure what I will do here, but it will be filled with good soil, maybe will use as a "nursery" for my cactus plant cuttings.

Middle box around the corner - probable use as per previous one.

First box around the corner. Will also get a slab, as per the corner unit. Will get a cover, and probably make a nice "Garden Shed" to house garden tools, and seeds, seedling trays, etc.

Filling in the corner unit using all the soil removed for the foundations for the walls, as well as the last of the plaster and building sand.

Birds eye view of "Garden Shed" unit. Slab thrown. Now to design the roof and font closure.

Birds eye view of the corner unit. Now to find a good price on a 5000 liter Jo-Jo Fishman? You know anyone?
So, that's the way this project went down.
Now, over the vegetable units I want to put some kind of cover. Mainly for protection from bad weather, and birds. A frame covered in carport shade cloth - Wood is expensive and rots. Metal - expensive, heavy, and needs ongoing maintenance. So, I have decided to make a frame using 40mm PVC water piping. It's light, durable, needs no ongoing maintenance. Yea baby! Can also use conduit to create a shade port style finish which will add strenght to the overall structore.
It should be hinged at the top, along the wall. That way it can lay down in normal position, but will be easy to lift, and prop up when I need to have access to the garden! Will post pics here of my idea. Hope it works.
Not too sure what to do for the Garden shed. Was thinking of maybe a tiles roof (using those metal pressed tile look-a-like things), or maybe the same idea as for the veggie "lids" but with a layer of strong plastic sheeting below the shade cloth to waterproof the shed.
What you all think?

You will have noticed the poor state of the walls. Well, these walls (retaining wall for the driveway) as well as the long wall down the side of the property, were painted last year. 2 x Coats of damn fine undecoat / bonding stuff, and 2 x coats of damn fine exterior paint. Yup, 12 months ago. And at a cost of some R3500.00! So, I'm going to blast off whats left of the paint (high pressure water gun) and then we going to make a mix of very liquid Cement, Plaster Sand, and a colourant. This is applied as a plastered layer over the current finish, with a brush, and thats that.
Will post progress on that project too, when I get round to doing it.

Chat soon,

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