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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remember my post

With a link to:- READ THIS SHIT!  - It was a news article about my employer, and how the CEO's over the past 20 years have brought it "back to life?
And remember the comments posted beneath the article?

Well I just got an SMS from a mate, and reader, in Oz, to say "All the comments are gone! Deleted! Big Brother strikes again!"

i went to check, yup, all gone! And new comments asking if the editor, who had the comments removed, will then also remove the misleading article.

Suffice to say, there has bee "Interference" of public opinion, and to me this says that the publishers of the relevant magazine / paper, cannot be trusted to be reporting in the interest of the man in the street / investors!!!

So, I registered as a member on the site, and posted this:-

So, we can assume that the management of CNN Money have been forced into deleting all of the comments that were posted here. We can therefore further assume that any articles posted here will not be to the benefit of, or in the interest of their readers / investors, as the "Truth" can be deleted....

Now we know - we will watch. As for the real story, those of us who know, know, and will post our opinions on websites that honor our right to comment!

My "Nom-de-Plume" is "Salagatle, so you all can't miss it!



Divemaster Dad said...

I can't believe they did that!!! Obviously the company has a bunch of clout with CNN and they just whacked the comments.

And I see that you also have to log on now if you want to leave a new comment....now they will be able to perform some form of trace on commentors....bastards...

Fishman said...

And today I was told that They had a brilliant Q1. Like that is going to reflect on HQ's increase...